Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yesterday, about 3pm, we loaded up the truck with the KTM and headed to Lake City Florida, about 180 miles north. The plan was to drop the bike at the track with some friends and get a motel, not a hotel, for the night. We arrived at the track about 6pm with more rain then you could imagine. No lightning just lots of rain. This is in the middle of a farm field. Hundreds of campers and tents. We sat with our friends at their camper for about 2 hours and watch this young couple set up next to us with a tent. They had a baby girl in a play pin under a canopy. The baby just kept crying, everything was wet and they were trying to get the grill going to cook. It looked miserable. Why didn't they just go home. We did. I was surprised, usually nothing stops him from racing. We where back in the truck heading home. Arrived home at 12midnight. I was glad to be in my bed and not standing in the mud at 6am getting him ready to race.
I didn't get pictures so these are not the correct bike.
Have a fun Sunday to all and thanks for listening.

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Sharon said...

I didnt think there were mountains in Lake City!