Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pretty lamp shade story and curbside mirror for Thrifty Thursday!

OK, 2 large old lamps made me stop at a garage sale.  I asked the price and she says $50.00 for both.  Too much for me.  So I walked around a bit looking at nothing but real junk, not good junk.  I'm trying to get better at asking for better prices.  So I asked if she would sell just the shades, because that's all I really want. To me the lamps were ugly.  She talked a few seconds with her friend and said $5.00 for both!!!  These baby's are huge and perfect..
It works!!  Just really doesn't hurt.


I found this mirror curbside around the corner from me.  I can't find the front view before picture of course but you get the idea. 

First I needed to move the hanger things.
Pretty easy.

I just bought ASCP Paris Grey and was dying to try it.

I really like it.  I thought the Old White was perfect and I was having trouble trying anything new.

This is one coat and I thought that was all I needed.

I'm in love with my new color.

One coat of ASCP, a little sanding to shabby it up and then ASCP clear wax with a little dark wax in selected places.

I love it!

I was thinking of adding a little bling in the center here.
What do you think?

This will be at Fancy Flea!!

This is a small chair I bought at an estate sale.

It's between a child's chair and an adult chair.

It would be perfect at a dressing table.

This is ASCP Old White, still a favorite of mine.
One coat sanded up a little then clear wax.
I like the worn spot, it's a well used chair.
I have no car today so I plan on getting more painting done.
Unless someone needs me to go to the thrift with them(Kathy).  I'm here for them, just call.
We are suppose to have our first sign of fall this weekend.  I'm really looking forward to that.  It won't last long.  I'll take it.
I love seeing all the fall inspirations in the blogs right now.
Enjoy your day!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Finally!!! I can post more wedding pictures...

Sweet beautiful music from good family friends.

A beautiful setting by the lake.  The rain just went away an hour before the wedding.

I want to show you some of the friends and family that came to see this beautiful wedding.

A pretty table set up with wedding pictures of the Bride and Grooms family.
The cutest program that the bride made!

And here is my good friend The Boston Lady and Mr Tennis!
Aren't they adorable?!
For those who don't know this is their sons wedding.

The prettiest bridesmaids.

These girls are so cute.
They kept saying...we have to hurry!!
Great job girls!

Here come the guys..
See the groom in the lighter grey suite.

Waiting patiently.

Here she comes..

Her dress was amazing!

Finally there.

The Maven was quit emotional.

Don't look back!!

Just keep on going into a wonderful life!

Off for pictures...

And Kathy and I are off to make some finishing touches at the reception..
What a beautiful very sweet wedding.
I just have to say I enjoyed everything about this wedding.
I have 3 girls and I hope if they get married their wedding is as fun and happy as this was.