Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm here! Please don't leave me.

I'm sorry I have been a bad blogger this week. To much going on for me. I like it calm and maybe a little boring. We have a huge fundraiser going on for this ones yearbook class. $36,000.00! For a new Mac Lab. All three of daughters have been an editor with this teacher so I have been with her continuously for about 13 yrs. And an older lady hit my car in the parking lot today. I think she thought I would just pull out and leave. Just to add a little stress.
Bla Bla Bla Iwon't bore you. Anyway, I still just love blogging and reading all of your blogs.

This is us getting on the train to go from Whitefish Mt to Spokane Wa. It was so much fun.
Have a wonderful Wednesday to all my friends in blogging land.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Good News!

This is the kitty I couldn't catch. I thought she had died like her Mom, I just couldn't find her. Well, my neighbor heard her crying on Wednesday, I had search the bushes and did not see her. She was there! Very very thin, no food for about 4 days. My neighbor took her in and love her. She is a very grateful kitty. Happy ending to the story!
Have a fun weekend. We have family birthday party at the lake on Sunday. It's still 90 here! The only way I know it's fall is by looking a blogs.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

She's driving!

My baby is driving! I can't believe it, time goes to fast. We just pulled in the driveway and she is off to her friends and then the store. I'm not a very good driving teacher. I had a difficult time with all three of my girls. It scares me to death. I'm a defencive driver and I hope it has rubbed off on them. Just remember the number of children you have is how many times you have go back through school and teach to drive.
Be safe everyone my baby is on the road!


Kitty update

Kitties go to a good home on Wednesday. We have really gotten attached. They are sweet little kittens and give us alot of entertainment.
The sad part is I have been looking for the mother and one other kitten for a few days. I found her last night in the bushes in front of my house. I don't know how she died, I just felt so bad for her. I saw her the other day running away from my porch with something hanging from her mouth. I think she was bringing me her dead kitten. She knew I was trying to help her. I just wish I could keep all the kitties but I don't want to be know as the crazy cat lady.
Have a good day,


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Morning

This is what I do on Sunday mornings. Hubbie is off water skiing, I could have gone except I don't like to get in Florida Lakes and riding in the boat at a high speed just doesn't appeal to me. I can ski. I just wanted you to know that.
The flag was blowing so pretty.

Bailey and Miley enjoying the morning shade before it gets to be 90!
I'm sorry about the hose. Miley would have ran off it I tried to move it.
Off the get my baby(17) new jeans. Then a 4pm meeting fundraiser meeting for yearbook.
Fun Sunday to all.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My other bathroom redo!

This is not a very good picture and for some reason I'm not able to edit the pictures. Anyhoo, the water color is of the everglades. I paid 95 cents for it. I just love the soft blues. It's what helped me with the colors in the room.

The hooks I got at the Farm Chick Show in 2008. They where 2 bucks each. I saved them just for this project. Can you tell I put the wainscoting sideways instead of up and down. I love it.

There are two sinks the counter is quartz and the faucets I got at the Expo in the sale room.

I always wanted subway tile and I will put it in the kitchen when that is done.

Thank you for taking a look at my bathrooms. Hopefully the kitchen will be done soon.
Enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thrifty Thursday and kitty update!

The little white kitty has a home! Still have not caught the other tiger kitty and the mommy. Maybe today. I will keep trying.
This is Tiger, he has to wear a tie when he begs at the table. He is missing his upper teeth.

I have been finding these cute old jars lately. I'm thinking about starting an Etsy Shop. I just don't have the confidence yet, my friends tell me I have an I. Maybe soon.

I love old Christmas ornaments. I have about 100 without these. I did loose 10 last Christmas with a new kitty in the house.
Have a happy Thursday and thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Look what I found!

We live on a corner where there are a lot of trees and shrubs. The perfect place to dump kitties and a mommy. I already have 3 cats, no more cats! My husband is a cat man. If he is in a bad mood just put a kitty in his lap. We know this.
I need to clean the white kitties eyes. Other wise they are perrrfect-get it! Free to a good home. Just please come and get them. This is a love-hate thing. So today I will spend the day taking care of these kitties. I will keep you posted!
p.s. I just had a thought. Can you give kitties for a giveaway? I haven't had one so maybe! I guess not.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yesterday, about 3pm, we loaded up the truck with the KTM and headed to Lake City Florida, about 180 miles north. The plan was to drop the bike at the track with some friends and get a motel, not a hotel, for the night. We arrived at the track about 6pm with more rain then you could imagine. No lightning just lots of rain. This is in the middle of a farm field. Hundreds of campers and tents. We sat with our friends at their camper for about 2 hours and watch this young couple set up next to us with a tent. They had a baby girl in a play pin under a canopy. The baby just kept crying, everything was wet and they were trying to get the grill going to cook. It looked miserable. Why didn't they just go home. We did. I was surprised, usually nothing stops him from racing. We where back in the truck heading home. Arrived home at 12midnight. I was glad to be in my bed and not standing in the mud at 6am getting him ready to race.
I didn't get pictures so these are not the correct bike.
Have a fun Sunday to all and thanks for listening.

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11

This is a day we will all never forget. It's been 8 years but it seems like yesterday. It's one of those times we all know where we were and what we were doing. I was working the ticket counter for USAirways in Orlando. On my break in the back room watching the tv. Saw what happened and then had to walk out to the ticket counter to help all the people going places. It was amazing how fast the news spread to all the people in line.

My thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families of all the victims.

I'm proud to be an American!

God Bless America

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hello blog land. I have been a very bad blogger. I'm sorry not for you but for me!
Ok, it's Thrifty Thursday. I got this little gem a few weeks ago at an estate sale. I was surprised it was still there. I paid $15.00, I thought that was pretty good. I'm still deciding what to do with it. I have seen them made into planters. Right up my ally. Maybe.
I left the house this morning to run to the store real quick. Just around the corner is a man walking with a sofa on his head! I had my camera with me. I could have taken his picture but I was afraid. Why? What a great blog. I just kept going. I have to be better. I could have asked him if he minded if I took his picture. I will next time. When will there be a next time seeing a man walking with a sofa on his head. I have learned a lesson about blogging.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Isn't she beautiful! She just kept flying around me.
Today I'm going to the gym for the first time in a long time. I'm going with my friend Ann who is such an inspiration. She just keeps going and going and going! We are doing a yoga/Pilate's class. I have done yoga a little but never Pilate's. I'm scared. And you know I have to go thru the sales pitch. I will try to get out of that. I might join at a later date but they better give me the deal of a life time. So wish me luck because I will need it.
Enjoy your day!

French Larkspur

I'm sorry there is no picture. I'm having trouble with posting pictures.

I wanted to tell about the give away French Larkspur is having. Click on her button to the right. It's awesome-check it out. I probably should not be telling anyone so my chances would be better. I'm really depending on karma for this. We will see. Good luck to you.
Happy Sunday!

Friday, September 4, 2009

High School

So, today I went to the high school at lunch to sell yearbooks. It's the beginning of the year so they are not that worried about it now. What a sight! I wish I could have taken pictures-but they won't let you. The different people, the clothes, the hair, the jocks, the tough guys and girls, the shy, the loners, the police riding around in golf carts. It brought back alot of memories. I went to this school and graduated in 1971! It has changed but there is still alot of the same. This is my last year there. All three of my girls graduated from there. It's kind of sad but I'm ready. So our years are 1971,2000,2007 and 2010.
Hope you have a good 3 day weekend!

p.s. I'm sorry the picture is not very good and has nothing to do with the post.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

I just love this sweet little bird bath. I can't tell if it's really old. I think it is
I went back to the thrift store to get the table. I might change the top to glass someday. But it will have to be cheap.

I go these 4 chairs at the thrift for 16.95! My story about these are I waited for 4 beautiful soft beach colored chairs to come out for 1 hour. I had to leave because a friend called me to say she was at the doctor and was told to go to the ER now! They thought she was having a heart attack. I ran to go with her. She ended up just fine. When I went back to get the chairs someone was putting them in the car! I was sick.. They were the most beautiful Adirondack chairs I had seen. I thought oh well it was meant to be. A few days later these were there waiting for me. I'm perfectly happy.

I'm such a book person. Anything that has to do with thrifing, cottage decorating, gardening. I will even buy the same book twice, you never know who might want it or it could become a gift.

I have not even looked at this book. A quick flip was all I needed.
I hope you had a good thrift Thursday. It's a rainy day here in sunny Florida.