Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Driving from Spokane here is our first view of Flathead lake, it takes my breath away every time.

I believe these are the Swan Mountains(they all look alike to me)

See the house at the top of this mountain?  I can't imagine being up there, it's VERY windy. 

Nothing to say just some beautiful pictures out the window.

Katie and Charlie out trying to make a snow man, didn't work.  Snow was too fluffy, didn't know that was possible.

Here comes Larry!!  Great neighbors who take care of us Floridians.

Thanks Larry!

I'm amazed at the ice cycles!

Don't they look like a happy group?!!
That's Duncan, Charlie, Katie & Amanda.
Don't know where Emily was.

We almost ran out of fire wood, our wood burning stove is pretty much all we used to keep warm.

So the mountain men went out to cut wood.

Charlie was so good about bringing the wood up.
Oops, see what I see?

It must be a Florida guy thing. 
Pull them up Charlie!!
Glad to be home in Florida, it's beautiful there but I have to say I am a Florida girl.
I want to say I'm still having trouble with posting pictures.  I did hear about someone else having the same problem so I'm hoping to get things figured out.
I do miss my blog.