Saturday, August 17, 2013

My baby turned 21 and she moved out all in one day!

August 16th 2013 was a big day in the Farash house.  Emily turned 21 and she moved into her first apartment.  

I remember these days when she loved going to her dance class, NOT!  She hated it!  On stage she refused to do the dance.  We decided to not go back.

I just love this adorable face!

Here she is with her first legal drinky!  We have talked about this a lot, she knows the rules.  

Sure wish big sister Amanda was with us.  That's the hard part of them growing up, they move away!
Emily and Katie!

Me and my baby..  She's really not a baby anymore I guess.
Happy Birthday my sweet girl!

Love you to the moon and back!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Miss you

Ohhh so much I have missed blogging.  I'm still having  trouble with my pictures, Katie bug helped me so I hope I will be blogging again. 
I want to tell  you about our trip to Montana.  We left Orlando on Wednesday afternoon and arrived at the house  Thursday at 7pm.  First we fly to Spokane Washington, we don't always get on the flight so it might take a while.  This time we flew Orlando-Charlotte-Kansas City, missed the first connection in Kansas City then flew to Phoenix, overnight in Phoenix, flew Phoenix-Spokane the next morning and then drive 4 hours to Lakeside Montana.    I'm sure some of you have heard the story before.  I'm retired from US Airways with flying benefits, they don't fly to Montana so we fly this way because it's so much cheaper.  It's a beautiful drive in the summer.  We have tried it in the winter and won't do it again, very scary for Floridians.  Now we take the train from Spokane to Whitefish Mt in the winter.        

Amazing views!

I love this barn, someday I will stop and take close up pictures.  We are so excited about getting there we just don't want to stop.

After we have driven through the Indian reservation and all the back roads with no cell service we see Flathead Lake and know we are almost there.

Flathead Lake is about 30 miles long and 5 miles wide.  It takes my breath away every time I see it.

Laundry day
We don't have a washer and dryer at the house so we have to go to Spinnaker Bar to do laundry, wish I had taken a picture of the bar, next time.  So beer and laundry, LOVE IT!
After I fill the machines I walk across the street to the local park on Flathead Lake to take pictures.
There was a storm brewing.  See the sail boat?

I love this little camera!  It's a Canon Power shot, simple simple simple.

I was walking away and turned to look one last time at that beautiful lake, the boat floated straight in front of the dock

Back at the laundry mat the apple blossoms are in full bloom.


OK, here is Duncan minding the fire.  He loves it. 

He thinks he's mountain man when we are here.  Born and raised in Miami Florida, I hate to tell you honey you are a Florida boy!

If things work out right when we land in Spokane it's 1pm.  After we rent the car we head straight to the grocery store to get snacks for the 4 hour drive to Lakeside.  Guess who is right next door to the grocery store?!!  Chaps!!  I get to go over and say hello to Celeste.  

Just some random pictures around the house of things I collect and love.  These old bottles I got from my friend Anita at Vintiquities, she has thousands!

I bought this bird house at The Farm Chicks Show a few years ago.  It sits on my front porch and I noticed a little bird flying in and out.  
So I sat down next to it with my camera aimed at it.

And here she is!  Isn't she beautiful?

I wish I could see inside, it's just too dark.
I'm sure she will have had those babies and be gone by the time I return.

For a 3 day trip it sure was action packed!
Our good friend Tony had a big birthday while we were there.

Tamaracks is a local brewery/restaurant in Lakeside, it's our hang out.  They had a birthday celebration for Tony and invited everyone in town.

Happy Birthday Tony!  I'm so glad we just happen to be there to celebrate with you.

Our good friends!!
We always look forward to being with these people, so much fun!
We love you guys

We have 3 salt licks around the yard for all the sweet deer.  , then we show up and she wonders who we are, this is her place!

He's ready to go, waiting for me to head back to Spokane for the trip back to Orlando.

One last picture. It's a long trip getting here but so worth it.  
3 days go by fast but we did get a lot done and see a lot of friends.

This is the view of Flathead Lake when we drive down Bierney Creek Road to 93 for the drive back to Spokane.  It's kind of hard to leave it.

Glacier National Park  

Hello US Airways in Spokane!
Take us home please.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Magnolia Pearl's home is For Sale!! plus a giveaway..

Fiona & Twig

Do you know who this room belongs too?
Yes, that's right!
Magnolia Pearl, Robin Brown and John Gray.
Well, can you believe their amazing home is for sale?!!
It is and they are having an amazing giveaway to go along with it.  Robin has picked out 2 outfits from her beautiful line of Magnolia Pearl Clothing. 
I want to win so I'm playing, you have to play to win(that's why I don't win the lottery).
So head on over to Anne Lory's blog, Fiona & Twig and find out what you have to do to win this.
While you are there if you don't know Anne and her blog you might be there a while, it's the best!

Good luck to you and me too!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How about a giveaway from Italy!!

You MUST go and visit my long time blogger friend from Italy, Zaira!  She has beautiful style and is just so sweet.  This is what I love about blogging, the people you "meet" all around the world.
I guess telling you about this giveaway makes it harder for me to win, but that's OK.  
Good luck to you and I know you will enjoy looking and reading  Zaira's beautiful blog.
Tell her SueBee sent you!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Roses and Friends...

My rose bush is blooming!  So I thought I would show you.  I have no clue what the name is, I think it's some kind of cabbage rose.
It smell wonderful.

Went on a bike ride today with my friends Gail and Phyllis.  It's kind of hard to believe we went to school together more then 40 years ago and still friends or I should say renewed friends.  So that tells you how old we all are, this year we turn 60!  Phyllis and I were talking yesterday about how we just don't feel it.  When our parents were 60 it was old!!  Why is it not old now? Gail has a blog called Out and About with Gail, fits her perfect.  When we ride I always learn so much from her, she knows a lot about birds and flowers.  She's not shy at all, no problem knocking on doors at 9am and asking if she can go in their back yard to take pictures of what ever strikes her interest.  She said most people are very nice and let her.  Of course, we have lived in this same area code for most of our lives(you know how old we are) so chances are we know them or we know someone that know them.  I always say it's a small Conway(our neighborhood).  Anyway, we have been riding a few times a week and I'm really enjoying it.  Florida weather cooperates nicely.
Tomorrow is estate sale day! 
Please go visit my other blog, Vintage Chic Affair and see us grow..
Happy Wednesday evening!

Monday, February 18, 2013

You have not met Archer!!

Meet Archer...
He was found in an abandoned house, starving and covered in fleas.  So you know he has heart worms.  My hubby found him online through a Lab rescue.  I really didn't even know he was looking.  

We had to drive 2 1/2 hours to a rescue to meet him.  How do you go that far and not bring them home? 
I was nervous.
He was not a friendly bouncy glad to meet you kind of guy.  He had bonded with the foster parent(if that's what you call them) and wouldn't even come up to us.  He suggested we take him for a walk to get him away from the other 6 or 7 labs barking, jumping and playing.  All he really wanted to do was go back to the home he had only known for about 10 weeks and who knows what his life was like before that.  Don't get me wrong, the foster home is a blessing to all dogs.  They were doing a great job.
Well we have had him for 2 1/2 weeks and he likes us now, of course I'm his favorite!


Still working on Lola, she's not too sure of him. 

Jack likes him, but Jack likes everyone.

Jack and Bailey were best friends.
I know he still misses him, we all do.

Loved his pool time on his raft.  It's the only way we could keep him in.  And he had to have his glasses on.

Look at that face, pure love, we miss him so much.
Archer is a great dog, I know I will love him as time goes by.  
Heart worm treatment is a terrible thing to have to go through, he's a sick boy.
But he sure has made himself at home, the sofa is his choice of bed.  And if anyone ever told you Labs don't shed they are not telling the truth.  
Anyway, he's a keeper!!

Hugs to you