Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Today, it's all about my friend Anita....

There she is with Kathy, Anita has a shop in her home.
VINTIQUITIES in Somers Montana on Flathead lake.  It's right on highway 93, at the north end of the lake.  I use to always admire the cute yellow house every time we drove by.  About 2 years ago my friend and neighbor, Carmen, told me a new shop had opened in the yellow house in Somers.  By knowing house I knew it had to be good.  Well, it's better then good!!  Anita and I have become friends.  But sometimes I think she thinks I'm stalking her.  I kind of hang around, not wanting to leave because I see so much.
It's the most beautiful place to have a shop.

Here is the sign up by the highway.
Isn't that the coolest thing?!
The property is kind of low from the road so the tree really helps you see the sign.

Of course they made the sign!
Her and her husband, Dennis.

OK, I'm not going to talk  all the way through this.  Maybe a little.

I want you to know, Anita found these bottles in the mud on a lake, or something like that.
She had truck loads.
I helped her pick through them when they were still on the truck.
So fun!

Anita makes or puts together all the window treatments.
Well, Anita does everything.

Look at that view!!
Look at the chair!!

Look at that arbor!!
When she said it's for sale Kathy and I looked at each other and I'm sure we both were trying to figure out a way to get it to Orlando.
It comes apart, nothing is nailed or glued together.

Fancy Flea would be so awesome!!
I don't think the airlines would like it.
Our suitcases were overweight 3 pounds each and they got a little upset.

See how Dennis put it together?!
Like Lincoln Logs, remember them? 

Look at all the wonderful rust!!

This shed is next door up the hill.
You see a lot of this in Montana.


Anita has 2 green thumbs!!
Peonies getting ready to bloom.
When I go back in July they will be all done.
Anita, will you dry some for me please?!!

This is on the other side of the hill next to Anita.
I thought it was so beautiful, this old wooden stairway overgrown with wild flowers.
I kept hearing a dog bark, but could see him at first.

Zoomed in, there he/she was!!

There is nother sweeter then the face of a Golden Retriever!!
Singing to us!!

100 Boon Road
Somers Montana
406 857 3195
Thur-Mon 10-5

Tell her you know me!!
She will become your friend.

Have a wonderful Tuesday my friends.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Farm Chicks...part 3!

I really liked this booth.  See the white plant boxes on the back wall?!!
NFS!!  I wanted at least one.  I think that's wrong,
There should be some laws in the business, I think.
Can you believe what these vendors bring to build their booths?
It's amazing!
The same booth,
they brought a real Farm Chick!!

I just liked this.

A better picture of The Farm Chick.

This is mine and Kathy's motto!!


I always have regrets and this is one of them.
Why didn't I take more pictures of Heather's booth?!!
I get shy sometimes.  I'm sorry Heather.
This is where I buy my ball jar soap pumps.  I have them by every sink.
And I give them as gifts.
Heather lives in Minnesota.  Her blog is amazing.
With 3 babies and 1 on the way it amazes me what she does with blogging.
She has an online free magazine that's wonderful.
Her photography is beautiful.
She has a large garden.
Love her style.
Even cuter in person and you should hear that Minnesota accent!!  So Cute!!!
I didn't want her to think I was a loonatic, so I tried to act normal.
But inside I was so excited to meet her!!

These are famous bloggers, I'm not.
Among others....

Great Booth!
I do love globes!

Look at the color of that table!!

Even the arbor was for sale!!

Perfect rust!!!
The suns out!!!
Yard work today, I don't mind..
I mow but I hate to edge with the edger.  I'm learning how to start the weeder and then go to town!
Hope you enjoy your day.
Can't believe it's already been a week since The Farm Chicks.