Friday, June 8, 2012

The Farm Chicks 2012! Part 1

When we woke up at the hotel it was raining, but we didn't care!  I was ready with umbrella's and poncho's.  The show starts at 10am we got there about 9am.  The line was just a bit longer then this, no problem.  When you know it's going to be great you just don't mind waiting in line.  This is the best place to have a show, parking is right out front and it's inside!!
Serena does it right.

The line got pretty long.
Serena started this show 13 years ago in a yard.
Never did rain the hour we stood in line.

Here is Kathy standing in line, smiling!
The prettiest one in line!!

These people drove by waving like they are famous.
Cute truck.
Here we go!  The line is moving, everyone is getting so excited.
The line moves fast once the doors are open.  The anticipation is building!

We are going in...

I always love to see what Serena does at the front entrance.
Simple but fun!

Here we are!  We waited to take our picture here because it's so crowded.
The tree is strung with yarn and that's a wheelbarrow full of yarn, so cute!

Just a little bit today, the pictures are not downloading.  So I will stop here.
Come back tomorrow for part 2 of The Farm Chicks 2012!
Enjoy your day, we are having another rainy day here in Orlando.



Anonymous said...

Wish I were there. It looks fantastic! Love your bags also, do you make those and sell them? Would love to get one. Thanks


Connie said...

Hi Sue, Welcome home. I am glad you and Kathy had a good time and thanks for bringing back some rain...Connie

Sharon said...

Oh my! Theres Lindsays typewriter!!!! She wants one so bad and ive been looking, see you should have taken me.I would have bought it for her....

Sylvia said...

Oh My Goodness...the line is long!!! Great pictures Sue...I see lots of eye candy..I'm waiting in line for part 2..hehe


The Boston Lady said...

Welcome home! Looks like such fun. Ann

BECKY said...

Can't wait to see more! Would love to have gone!!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Would just love for the rain to stop, and to get a little sunshine!!
But...we still need the rain!


shohshi said...

Looks like lots o' fun! Wonderful picture of you and Kathy. You both look so lovely. hugs ~ jennifer

The Polka Dot Closet said...

OMG I got part one and part two all in one sitting, oh what fun,now we need the post of what you bought! Wow, can you imagine if we had something like that right here...Wouldn't that be something!!!


Mike said...

Hey I don't blame you i would of brought a umbrella too. I don't want to get rained in the late morning.