Monday, January 30, 2012

My Tuesday's Treasures

OK, a before picture of a little end table I bought.
I always seem to forget the before pictures.
This time I don't have the after...haha

It's in pretty good condition.

Why do people do this?  Either paint the whole drawer or just the front, don't do this.
What would you do?  I did paint the whole drawer.  I haven't finish so I will show you later.

The last of my sunflowers.  I wish those power wires were not there.
Look at that blue sky!  It was about 70 degrees today.

Bad hair day.

My bougainvillea is finally blooming.

This little guy popped up today.

My milkweed is starting to come back.  I hope for lots of catapillers this year.

My sweet boys enjoying the beautiful weather today.

Jack got out today, he's a runner.
The wind blew the front door open and I didn't hear it.  I came around the corner and saw the door wide open.  You might have heard me screaming his name~JACK!  I can run you know, pretty fast if I have to.
He was at the back fence looking for kitties to chase.
When he saw his Grammy running and screaming his name he knew to just lay down and wait for me.
I was so afraid he would take off as I got closer.
He really has gotten better.

I just love these..
So I'm looking at my friends Pinterest and see this..  It's mine!!  I made it in Montana last summer out of a chicken feeder I found.
I hope it's still alive when I go back next summer..
You think?



Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just a little organization going on...

You think?

We have a new girl at Art Angels and she took the old spools and put bracelets on them.

How clever!
So I strung jute through the ends to hang them.

I bought these old rusty hangers from my friend Anita in Somers Montana.

I saw this on Pinterest.

This is an old grader.

Just a little organization going on.



Happy Friday to you!

Good Morning my friends...

Sometimes I still get up very early(4:10am).  Working for an airline for 27 years and having to be at work by 5:00am made me a early morning person.  I don't fight it, I just get up.

I spend this time reading and looking at a few magazines.
I'm trying to kick the I'm not!

Yes, those are Christmas gifts that still need to be delivered.

Something thrifted so I can link with Joy at SavyCityFarmer!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Art Angels!! Chic and Shabby plus a bonus!! oink oink...

Kathy and I added some more furniture.
Don't look at the woman in the mirror..

Art Angels
5515 S Orange Ave
Orlando Florida 32809
m-f 1030am to 6pm
sat 1100am to 4pm

Look what was in my back yard!
I live about 5 miles from downtown Orlando.  You just don't see farm animals in the area.

She's pregnant with 13 little piglets!
I wish I could see them after they are born but she will be on the farm.  What farm?  I don't know.

She was so hot she just kept snorting.
I tried to keep the sun off of her.

I forgot to ask her her name.
Thank you for visiting my blog, it really makes my day happy.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Webster Florida...Have you been there?

Kathy and I didn't make it to Renningers last weekend so we thought we would go to Webster.
It's the Flea Market that a lot of vendors go to after the extravaganza at Renningers to sell what didn't sell.

They come by the bus load.

We were told to go to the back, it's where the deals were, we thought.
It's HUGE!

So much....

3 wheel motorcycles, if you wanted one.
Would you go to a flea market and buy a motorcycle?

How about some turtle shells?
This makes me sad and mad....why and how?

I just hope these are road kill..

Of course in Florida you would want to take home a gator head...

Look Laura!!!

Of course the standard dishes and glassware.
Prices were high to me.

And a frog purse for sure!!!
(that's a leg)

A beautiful blue sky!!
It was hot in the sun, about 80 degrees.

There she is with her basket..
She did fill it up with a few good buys.

Do you know what would happen if I brought a chicken coop home?
I do want one like this.

Of course Fiesta Ware.


Look Anita!!

Soooo beautiful.

Wouldn't it be amazing to have one one these in your home?!
Great organization.


Remember these?
Hiding in the trunk.....

Do you need one of these?
I'm sure it's valuable but it sure is ugly..

For those that collect beer cans..

Now I see come good things here like the watering cans but the prices are too high for me.

An old Florida house.

You just wonder who lived here and why did they let it go.

It could be so amazing!

Kathy loading up..

Wonder where all those people are going in those airplanes.

Heading home we saw the smoke from wild fires, it's scary.

Pretty church steeple in Clermont.
We don't think we will go back.  It takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to get there and the prices are too high for us.
I will tell you as you get closer there are a lot of yard sales going on.  We didn't stop because of a time restraint we had so we didn't get to check out the prices.  But for some reason I think they are high because of  Webster.
We did buy a few things, Kathy found more then I did, but not much.
So...We were not impressed but don't let that stop you!!
Thanks for visiting me.