Thursday, May 31, 2012


Who's going to The Farm Chick Show?!!!
Kathy and I are!!!
Our 2nd year in a row, my 5th year in a row.
It's an amazing show, each year it gets better and better.
We are also going to visit our favorite restaurant....CHAPS!!!
Celeste is the most amazing hostess and owner of the beautiful restaurant.
It's filled with things from her grandmother's farm in Montana that Celeste grew up with.  The food is amazing, different every week.
We are just as excited about going to Chaps as we are going to The Farm Chicks Show.
I will take lots of picture for you.  I wish we could all go!!  Wouldn't that be fun?!!
See you when we get back!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


My thrift store has a color code system. Blue, pink, tan, one color a week.
Very common.
When something new comes out it won't be the color of the week for 3 weeks.
So you take a change waiting.
I waited for this horse.

I think she is beautiful.
If my friend Phyllis read my blog she might want her.  Friends should read friends blogs, I think.
My sister reads my blog and that's a good thing until she wants what I blog about.  When you have a booth and sell things that's not good.  I can't sell something to my sister, I have to give it to her.  So I guess I have to start hiding things from her.

Look at that expression on her face.
She just kept moving all around, hiding from me.
I didn't go this past Monday, I was surprised she was still there yesterday.

She came home with me.
I see her safe under another cloche.
I think I'm getting too many cloches, I saw a house with 13 cloches in one room!  Too many for me.
Happy Wednesday to you!!
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

All the same sun!!!

Here we are at my favorite beach, Anna Maria Island Florida.
My hubby is a mountain man, he doesn't like the heat.  He also doesn't like to be on my blog so please don't tell him.
Here we are with Duncan's brother David and his sweet wonderful girlfriend, Carla.
Thank you for inviting us, I had a great time.  Duncan had a good time because the weather was not so hot in the mornings and evenings.

OK, the pictures below are all the same sun!!!
If I hadn't taken these pictures I wouldn't believe it. haha
This is just 2 evenings, Saturday and Sunday evening.
So enjoy!

Sunday morning, I love a storm at the beach.
Turned around and saw the below sunrise.

Home again with my butterflies.
It's always good to be home.
Hope you enjoyed our wonderful holiday weekend, Memorial Day, honoring our soldiers!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Not much today!

Not much vintage stuff today, just this lovely lady.
She's vintage inspired, not old but looks it.

I saw her in the back ready to come out at the thrift store, then they went to lunch.
I knew it would be a while, so I left.
I told myself, self, it's OK.  If I don't get her something else will come my way.
Well that didn't work.
I went back a couple hours later thinking she is either gone or too expensive.
At first I couldn't find her and then there she was hiding from me, she thought it was funny, she had a silly smile on her face.
She likes her new hope, safe under a cloche.

These clouds are from the other evening.  I thought they were so pretty.
My Mom sends them to me.

My sunflowers are blooming.

They always amaze me, so perfect!!
From a little seed.

This one will open up and have a big beautiful face!!

My tomato bush is starting to ripen up!!

A little patch of yellow flowers that bloom like crazy!!



Enjoy this Memorial Day weekend and let's not forget what it's all about!!
Thank you to all those who serve or have served for our freedom!!

We are off to Anna Maria Island!! 
Just the hubby and I are going this year.  The girls all have to work.  Things sure do change as they grow!!
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

What's Blooming Today!

My blackberry's are doing well. 
The birds and I are enjoying them.

I love this garden wheelbarrow, if you can really LOVE a wheelbarrow.
I buy florist fillers at the thrift, cut them up and fill the bottom before I add potting soil.  This saves on the soil and absorbs water so it doesn't dry out so fast.

This is an old water thermos.

I think I showed you this.  It's an old public bathroom paper towel holder turned upside down.

I put the florist filler in here.
This is an old oil pan

See the shell in the drain whole?

I'm always looking for old work boots.

This just an old rusty Murray bike with saddle baskets.
I haven't planted anything in the baskets yet, I will.

Linking with Fishtail Cottage today!!

We are having another beautiful day here in Orlando.
I have to say I'm a sunshine girl!!
Enjoy your day my blogging friends.
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