Monday, May 14, 2012

Lisa and Debbie.....St Cloud Florida!

I have met so many talented wonderful people since I started blogging.
This is the Lisa of the gorgeous shop House of Envy in St Cloud Florida
If you have not been to this sweet little town in a while you NEED to go.
Lisa's shop is just as the name says~Envy, so much envy!
When you meet Lisa you will think you have known her your whole life because that's how she is.
A friend!
She is just lovely.

 What a vision she has, look at this chandy!  As she says, I just put it together yesterday because I had nothing for the tent.
 It takes me all year to come up with something!!!
 Lisa is the creator of these amazing Swarovski Crystal flip flops.  You can custom order what ever you want!!
 This is my friend Debbie of Vintage Soul!!  I met her the first time I went to St cloud.  My good friend, The Boston Lady, took us to show us this shop she had been to.  When we got there it was closed but after lunch we went by one more time and Debbie was walking in the door.   Little did I know this would become a wonderful friendship!
 You will be drooling when you see her shop so take some Kleenex please.  I think she is use to it.

 Look at her tent cover!!  With that beautiful chandy!!!   Amazing!!
Debbie is an amazing stylish for what ever you can dream up.   Weddings, showers!!
She has been published in Romantic Homes several times!  This is this months issue!! 
So if you need a day to just shop in pretty shops head on over to St Cloud.  Oh and please tell Lisa and Debbie that I said hello!!
These are their booths from Fancy Flea, I'm still trying to catch up from this show.  Starting to get ready for the fall!!
Enjoy your day!!



The Boston Lady said...

Lovely pictures of lovely ladies and their prettiest! Ann

A Cottage Muse said...

How wonderful...thanks for sharing!