Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thrifting on Thursdays with Savvycityfarmer!!

I have been away for a while.  I have missed blogging.  When I don't blog I get a sinking feeling in my chest.  Is that stupid or what?!!  But it's OK, one of the good things about blogging is, you can come back anytime!!
Anyway, here ARE some of my junkin finds this week.

I found one of these at the thrift. Walked around for a while and thought about it, I bet there is another one!!  Went back and found it!!  I'm so glad I didn't break up the pair.  See the chrystal?  I have more to add to them.
I see melted candles dripping down.

I like this little shelf, it's lined with soft lining, I think it's for jewelry.  A little bit more shabby and it will be great!
Kathy and I are collecting champagne glasses for our new little busness we are starting up soon.
Stop talking about it and just DO IT!!

I like this little foot stool.  Recovered and shabbied up will make it perfect!!

Did I show you my old garden wheelbarrow?
I have been looking for one for a while.

I found this old metal fertilizer spreader the other day.
Oh, did you see that crazy moon?!!
I took these last Saturday in West Palm Beach.

I think I can see someone walking!!!  Look close...

I like this.

This little lady was flying around the yard.  Isn't she beautiful?!!

Here is my Bailey!  See the huge lump on his back leg?  That's the cancer.  The Vet said it's all through his body.  Look at that face, he has the best spirit.  He will tell me when it's time.  It's not time yet. 

My blackberries are blooming, if that's what you call it.  It's just one plant so you can't really do anything except pick and eat!  They are very good when they are ripe.

Flowers from my friend Tausha!!  Thank you Tausha, they are still blooming.  I will be planting them today!!
Oh, did you hear the news?  Coffee drinkers are smarter and they live longer!!!  Well, maybe not smarter but they said they live longer.  Do you believe all these servays?  I only believe the ones I want to believe....hehe!!
OK, after I do my spell check I will be linking up with Joy at Savvycityfarmer.
Joy has the most beautiful style.  You really need to go and visit her.  Also, don't forget to visit the other links at her party!!  It's so fun.
Rained all night and it looks like rain all day, boy do we need it.  I love it, dark and gloomy!!
Enjoy your day my blog friends.



Connie said...

Sue, maybe the person walking on the moon is going into a thrift shop. hee hee Your finds this week are fabulous and thank you for the update on Baily. I was wondering about him the other day. Happy hunting, Connie

Vicki said...

You have been busy, busy too! Give Bailey a squeeze from us. Hate to hear that news.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh, I am so sad about Bailey!! Your junking finds were great, I went to your store today...obviously so did you!


Candy said...

Poor Bailey. I can't imagine loosing one of my babies.

Love your blog, so Im now following. Please come visit me at