Friday, July 30, 2010

Canada-The second honeymoon!

On the road to Canada
This is how we travel.
I love the map on my lap to see where I'm going.

The Honeymooners!

The glaciers and lakes are amazing.

I loved this guy.

He found a banana!

Little Swiss cottage we stayed in.

They are making this bridge for just the animals to cross over!
How cool is that!

Dinner, we had rack of lamb! Fancy for us.

His best outfit.

The cottages where full.

So we stayed at the inn.

So cozy.
Cabiny rooms.

Getting ready for a swim.

You know how cold that water is?
Think he will do it?

There he goes.

You can't tell how fast he was getting out, let me tell you it was fast!

Fast drop off.

He did it! He always takes a swim in a mountain lake.
Not me!


This amazes me.

Here we are walking to the glacier. See him just a little ahead of me? Not a patient man. I didn't have the correct shoes he says. I saw a girl with flip flops on.

Making new friends.

The mountains are so big in Canada.
We had a great trip.
I love a road trip.
Have a happy day my blog friends whom I adore!

ps-can someone tell me why my posts get so spread out?
I don't do this on purpose.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Look who I found!

I really think she was hiding from me.

I looked for her at The Farm Chick Show.

I looked all over Somers, Lakeside, Kalispell, Whitefish.

I found her in Columbia Falls at Station 8!

This beautiful frame is from my friend Carmen who was able to go to The Vintage Whites Market.

Check it out for dates and times.

(I think the next Farm Chicks)

This is Vanessa, she is one of the owners of The Vintage Whites Market and has an adorable booth at Station 8.

Here they both are.

Vanessa and Jana.

The Vintage Whites Market!

I have missed there sales so far but I will get there.

I do send friends.

(I need to learn how to do these beautiful photos)

You have to go here if you are ever in the valley area.

Columbia Falls Montana!

And a new shop in Whitefish.

This is Colette, the owner of Station 8.

What a sweet lady.

And she has a blog!

These are some pictures of her shop.

I could spend hours and lots of money there.

And here are a few pictures of her shop.

It's huge!

My friend Carmen who lives in Lakeside.

I love old worn cowboy boots all lined up.

I fill them with dirt and put flowers in them.


The best Huckleberry Dark Chocolate ice cream and then you get to the waffle cone!
Sweet Peaks.

Look at these cute light fixtures!

I love it.

So that's it for now.

I missed my blog and blog friends so much.

I had no computer or TV for 2 weeks.

I did enjoy the quiet time.

There is lots more to come.


Canada (second honeymoon)

My little cabin (again)

Thanks for listening and being there.