Wednesday, June 29, 2011

White Wednesday and Wow Us Wednesday...

Trouble with blogger today!  I had a hard time getting pictures on today.
Anyhoo...I found this at an estate sale last weekend.
I think it's cool.
The jars are pretty common but I never saw one made into a lantern.

Our load last weekend.
The lady at the Thrift Store gave us the flowers..

It looks like lots of jars.
I seem to be drawn to them.
And lace.

These are very large vintage pearl buttons.
Love them!

Pretty vintage hand mirror. 
OK, I saw this at The Farm Chick Show.
Different size round items tiered into a wedding cake.
I'm still needing another round tier and a vintage cake topper with a bride and groom.

As you can see I'm not finished.
I think it would be awesome at a vintage wedding.

I did find this vintage 3 bell topper for now.
I will show you when I'm finished.

I also found this vintage Shakespeare books.
Have a great day!
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I almost forgot.  Here is Jack watching me fold clothes.
Thanks Kathleen!

Thank you Kim!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday's Treasures

First, thank you for all the birthday wishes!!!1
It was a good day..

OK, look at this table I found at the thrift store.

The first day I saw it I wanted it.  I had them write it up for $8.98.
Changed my mind because I new my hubby would have a fit.

It's very heavy, made in the USA but I don't know by who.
I really liked it alot.

So I went back the next day and they marked it down to $4.94!!!
I had to buy it.
I'm going to switch it out for my kitchen table after I redo the top.
Hubby liked it!!!!

I found this sweet vintage robe at an estate sale.

It's in great condition.
I do need to soak it in Biz for a few stains.

Pretty little buttons.

And I found this vintage cowgirl shirt.

Lots of stains.  I soaked it for 2 days and it looks pretty good.
It still has one stain I'm not sure I can get out.

Just L.A. is the brand. I have not googled it. But I will
Hope you have a great Tuesday!
Don't forget to go visit Kristin to see all the Tuesday Treasures!!
It's fun!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

It's our Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!
And my Birthday Buddy!!!
Happy Birthday Joey..
Auntie Sue Loves you..
He's 6 and I'm not!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

She gets me.....

Look what my friend bought me at an estate sale!!!!!

3 vintage pieces of clothing.
This one is a child's christening gown or night gown.
I have not cleaned them yet.

Look at the sweet pearl white buttons and cute little ribbon tie.

Not torn or ripped just old stains.
I'm going to soak them in Biz..

This one has all the buttons.

This piece is an adult top.
Very delicate.

Very good condition.

Beautiful lace.

This one is missing the straps.
I think they were very thin pieces of ribbon and broke off.

Only one button missing, I have lots of old buttons..

Pretty bottom.

I just love them.  I would have bought these if I had been there first.
It's so nice when someone gets you.  Knows your style.
Thanks Ann!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blog Party JUNE 20-25.....Summer Fun!!

Have you seen this?!!!
All these ladies have spent the week blogging for us about summer time!!1
Check them out.
Sponsored by At The Picket Fence.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thrifty Thursday at Bloggeritaville and Cottage Flora Thursday....

So this is what I did with the bird nest.
I have this chicken coop thing that I thought would look cool with the nest in it.
It was falling apart when I pulled it out of the tree.

I thought I would show you some things blooming in my yard today for Cottage Flora Thursdays over at Fishtail Cottage...
This is my verigated wisteria.
I love the deeep purple color.
It just keeps blooming!

This is curtesy of the birds.
I never planted it and don't know what it is.
Not open yet.

My sunflowers are growing more everyday.
I think it will look beautiful when they bloom.

My cherry tomato bush is full!

Look who's hiding under the trailer.
We are having trouble with ferrell cats and this is one.
So sweet looking but won't let you near him/her.
They like Lola B.
She is very popular.

This looks better in real life.
I'm a cramer. I just stuff things together.
Lots of mistakes.

I love my Bleeding Heart.  It's always different, different colors.

Not thrifty today just pretty.  I hope that's OK Leigh.
Thanks for hosting!!!

And Cottage Flora Thursdays over at Fishtail Cottage.
Thank you Tracie!!