Thursday, June 16, 2011

Have you see Betsey lately?!

 This Betsey Johnson that is..
We have a real Betsey Johnson shop in the Millenia Mall.
I call it the fancy mall.
It's really the only one I go to anymore because it's not crowded and this is where Anthropologie is.
I just can't stand the Florida Mall.
Too crowded!
Look at these dresses!!
They are adorable.

My girls are all done with proms so I don't have an excuse to even think about buying one of these.

They price about $450.00!  I think that's a little much for high school'
On sale about $350.00, well if I could afford $350.00 then I can afford $450.00 is my theory.

I tell my husband it's a good thing I'm not thin!

This looks like the vintage prom dress I bought at Farm Chicks.
Oh yah!  I forgot to show you.
I will soon.

If I were thin I would for go young and buy one of these for me.
Who knows where I would wear it.

The sun dresses I might be able to get away with.
I didn't even look at the price.

Too cute!!!

Just a regular dress...

I think vintage ruffles are in!!

A girl can dream..
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Calling it NOT so Thrifty...
Just a little fun..


Sylvia said...

A prom dress with cowboy that would be cute!!


The Vintage Farmhouse said...

Oh how I wish we had one of her stores near me! Thanks for sharing all the pretty!

outjunking said...

I really like Betsy Johnson's use of color, I once saw in a magazine pictures of her home it just made you grin from ear to ear, a feel good place.

Anita said...

So sweet....If I were thin...

Laurie said...

Cute stuff! I was thinking the same thing as Sylvia, cowboy boots with that black dress you like would be sooooo cute!!!

Made In The South said...

What a cool store, we don't have one of those here. Kinda glad prom days are over, now looking at bridal dresses.

Ames said...

It's a funny thing.... when I was a young girl I would have dressed like this but probably ...most definitely couldn't afford to. Now that I am an older more mature woman, I can afford to dress like this but wouldn't because I would look silly. Drats!~Ames

Sanna said...

Hi KarenSue,

Very pretty dresses. Can´t wait to see the one you bought from the show. I like your little garden, so cute.

Have a great day,

Tynk said...

LOVE the sundresses! (Scared to know how much they cost.. but, might have to take a trip to Mallinia.. it's been awhile.)
Don't ya just love that mall?!

time worn interiors said...

Lovely dressed, but I agree with you the price is a little steep! I was a single mom when my girls went to prom, no way in the world could I afford that! It is a great store though!

time worn interiors said...

I meant to type DRESSES! lol!

The Boston Lady said...

Maybe I could get my MOG dress there if I lost 80 lbs.... Love those colors! I've never been in that store just seen the outside, next time I will go in to see the pretties.. Ann