Saturday, June 11, 2011

After The Farm Chicks.......Montana!!!

Our first morning we are driving to visit friends and see this amazing field of beautiful yellow flowers.

It was the most beautiful thing.
A man who lived across the street came over and took our picture for us.
I told him to start charging $5.00 after he took ours.
Cars started stopping.

With the snow capped mountains in the distance it was breath taking.
It's canola!!!!

You just wanted to stay and enjoy the beauty.

I felt lucky to have been there at just the right time.
It made you feel young and free!
You wanted to run in the field, but I felt like the owner would have frowned on that.

Stephanie, Phyllis and Kathy.
This is Stephanie's house.  She and her hubby are from Florida too.
What is funny is my daughter worked for Stephanie's husband and talked them into visiting Montana. They loved it and bought about 5 miles from us in Montana.
And I went to high school with Phyllis 40 years ago.  I knew she had a place in Montana but I didn't know where.  Montana is huge! For her to be 30 miles from me is crazy I think.  And she lives 1 mile from me in Orlando! 

What a sweety.

The view is amazing..
They are up on a cliff.  It's quit the walk down to the water.

I have admired this house since we started coming here in 2000.
It has the most amazing view of Flathead Lake.
And now it's a beautiful little shop.

This is the owner, Anita.(I called her).
I love the name of her shop.
She just started a blog so go visit her and become a follower!
She is so sweet and talented.
She showed us her craft room.
Where Women Create needs to see her space.

Shhhhhhh Kathy is sleeping.
I ran her ragged!

She had only been open for 1 week.
They moved up stairs.
What a great set up..

 She has great stuff.
 I think I want these chairs for my front porch.  I love the color.
She makes these angels.
They have the sweetest faces.

See the view of the lake?
I wish I had taken so many more pictures.

 Her son make this bench for her.

 Lilac's all round the yard.
I love this spread.

That's it for Montana pictures. I always wish I had done better with taking pictures.
We had an amazing time. Everything went perfect. We call it our good luck thing. Since we got on our first airplane things just fell into place.
We brought our beautiful weather with us from Florida and took it with us when we left.
I took Kathy to the green mall(dump) and she was a trooper looking in all the cans.
She found a great wooden box that I have at the house.
Chic Kathy at the dump!
Saw a bear driving from Montana through Idaho to Washington.
Stopped in St Regis where you can get any snack you want, anything!
Kathy met all my friends that I love.
It's amazing what we did in about 2 days.
I can't believe it's been a week.
The Farm Chicks will be back before we know it.
Thank you Serena for another job well done.
I'm ready to go again.


Jane said...

What gorgeous photos!! I have never been to Montana and it looks like a beautiful place.
I'm glad you had such a wonderful trip. I'm going to go read your post about Farm Chicks now.
Have a great weekend.

Anita said...

Great pictures...I need to do's a great way to get a different perspective...Gotta run, you're missing out on a huge community wide garage sale in that little place on the lake between lakeside and Somers!

Anonymous said...


Your blog is amazing!
I love those are beautiful!
Your blog gives me inspiration.
I follow your blog.
Please take a look into my world.


time worn interiors said...

Great photos and a lovely shop!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh, what a trip you have had!! I got confused with you living here and living there and your neighbor here that lives there....I'm blonde you will have to spell it out for me when i see you LOL!


Tynk said...

How lucky for you to have a friend living so close to you in 2 different states! LOL

LOVE the photos you've shared, especially the bedspread and the lilacs in the yard.

Junebug Furniture and Design said...

What amazing photos! Loved the picture of the view ofFlathead Lake...your a lucky lady! Thanks for stopping by an leaving a comment. I'm not sure if we met at FC. So many new friends and faces, I'm happy you had a great time. Have a fabulous summer.

xo Glad & Celia

Caroline (Piorra Maison) said...

Wow what lovely views. What a pretty shop. thanks for sharing. You do take great pics. The canola fields are amazing shots....I think I would have loved to run through the fields too!!!!Then you would need a video camera to capture that moment.
Looks like a great time.