Saturday, June 18, 2011


Every time I went in the back yard I looked for her.
She wasn't there.
I can't see in the nest.  I have to hold my camera over the nest and take a picture to see if there are any eggs.
As long as I didn't take a picture there was a chance the egg was still there.
When she didn't come back all day I had to know.
Now I know.
I will take the nest out because it's not a good place.
Her heart is broken.
I'm sorry Mommy bird.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

So sad!

Jamie said...

Had the same thing happen at my house recently. Momma bird left the nest to take a break - and a magpie swooped in and grabbed an egg. She chased him but to no avail. Watched the whole thing from my kitchen window. Pretty soon all four eggs were gone, and now, so is the nest! Very sad. So much work goes into building the nests and taking care of the eggs! Jamie V in MT

Jane said...

That is sad. I watched a robin built her nest on a speaker on our deck. The little birdies hatched and I watched the mom take care of them. I was lucky to be watching when one of the birds took it's first flight. I felt like they were my kids :)

Ames said...

Too close to humans maybe? I wonder where she went.~Ames

Kathy said...

Oh Sue I'm so sorry to hear the news of the last egg & mama bird. My heart hurts for your loss!

Linda said...

Aw, it is sad, isn't it? Every year things like this happen in our yard, and even though it's nature's way, it's always so sad. XO

The Boston Lady said...

Oh, that is such a sad sight. It's an unfortunate part of nature sometimes. Sorry Sue, I know it makes you sad. Ann