Sunday, June 26, 2011

She gets me.....

Look what my friend bought me at an estate sale!!!!!

3 vintage pieces of clothing.
This one is a child's christening gown or night gown.
I have not cleaned them yet.

Look at the sweet pearl white buttons and cute little ribbon tie.

Not torn or ripped just old stains.
I'm going to soak them in Biz..

This one has all the buttons.

This piece is an adult top.
Very delicate.

Very good condition.

Beautiful lace.

This one is missing the straps.
I think they were very thin pieces of ribbon and broke off.

Only one button missing, I have lots of old buttons..

Pretty bottom.

I just love them.  I would have bought these if I had been there first.
It's so nice when someone gets you.  Knows your style.
Thanks Ann!!!


simpledaisy said...

Wow!! those are really beautiful! That is one great friend to pick those up for you at an estate sale!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I'm jealous! They are gorgeous, what a find! Let me know about lunch this week