Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fancy Flea photo's.......

OMGoodness!  I felt like I was at a mini Farm Chic Show!
It was wonderful.  A small show but that's what made it nice.
You didn't feel you like missed anything. You could go back for more and see what you missed the first(or second or third) time.
My camera battery died so I didn't get half of what was there.
I'm so sorry to those I missed.

This is my friends booth, Debbie of Vintage Soul.  She shared her booth with Lisa and Janice.
Lisa has a shop in St Cloud called House of Envy Boutique

Their booth was so much fun.  This mix of 3 different styles that went well together.

This baby went home with me.  See why?!

I love this very heavy lion head, my sister would have bought it for sure.

Lisa makes the beautiful flip flops.
They are stunning!

Debbie has amazing taste and style
Check out her blog!
Love the cowboy boots.
I'm not sure who's they belong to, Debbie or Lisa's.

Debbie has the most beautiful bags and aprons.

This booth was stunning. Paris Rags
Kimberly Ryan is the designer artist of the most amazing creation.
I did buy 2 sweet tops from her.
She's in Jacksonville where my oldest lives, so I will  be paying her a visit.

Aren't they gorgeous?!
These photo's do not do them justice.

She also make accessories.

Look at this!

Love her stuff!

I don't remember the name of this booth.
These pillows were beautiful.

There was a black standard poodle he was dancing for.
Too bad they were both boys.

They had a great plant vendor.

This booth is Used to Bees.

She has great stuff.
A little bit of everything.

See the cake plates Kathy?!!!
I went by myself because all my friends have lives.  That's OK, I was on the phone to let them know just what they missed.  We will all be there in the fall.
I met so many nice people. I even met some bloggers!  I might have even talked some people into becoming bloggers.
I met Kim of Dear Daisey Cottage, what a sweet lady.  She is just as sweet as her blog is sweet.  I was star struck!
Some other booths:
Stiltskin Studios  repurpose, reuse, recycle...gorgeously
Flea Chic Fab  vintage jewels modern flare
Rena's Creations  Painted shabby chic furniture and more! See her on facebook.
Sweet Pea Home  Shelley's blog

I will be there next time.
We might even have a booth!
Hope you are having a happy weekend.....

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Have you been?  I have not but I'm going this Saturday.  I feel like Florida is lacking in the Flea Market area, we do have Renningers but nothing like Texas or the Northwest area like Seattle.
If you have been or know anything about this show please tell me.  I don't know Lakeland at all so I'm going in blind.
Enjoy your evening!
And thank you!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fluff Day!

So we pulled everything out of our booth and started over.
I forgot to put before photos in, these are after.

We are very please!

We took some things out for a while.  To make it more Chic and Shabby.

We like mirrors and I'm working on another one.

I love this shelf.  It's NFS because it's so good for display.

Art Angels is very unique,  it's not your grandmothers antique shop.
Stop by sometime and meet our sweet girl Karen, she's the manager and does a great job!

We have lots of tarnished silver.
Looks so pretty..

I really think you won't be disappointed with us.  Art Angels has something for everyone.
Even a man cave!
I'm linking with Kristin at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia.
Thank you Kristin for being the hostest with the mostest...and

Linda of Coastal Charm
Thank you Linda for hosting with the most too!
And thank you bloggers for visiting me.
It truly makes my day reading your comments.
Enjoy your Tuesday!