Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quick trip to Montana

The first thing I do is put my cowgirl boots on.
My friend was watching the neighbors chickens for her.

So we walked over to check on them

Now I want some chickens.

I loved walking in the coop.

And getting the eggs they left for us.

What is it about seeing real chicken pens and coops?

This is an old wagon on the property.  So cool.

Her horsed are being boarded while she is gone. The barn is so cool looking too.

This is my salt lick for the deer.  I love watching them hang around the lick.

See her looking at me.

Another friend from Florida has a place a few miles from us. She gave me this great junk kitty. Her husband hated it. I love it!

I keep her on the picnic table.  I just wouldn't want to fall on her.

This house was pieced together by the previous owners.  I call this the Florida room.
I found the table in the back yard all covered in plastic.

Wood for next year. We did have a fire while there because the chimney was leaking and we need to dry the stove out.

Lots of turkeys down the road.

We had long layovers in Seattle airport.

The beautiful sunset at the Seattle airport.
I have no computer out there so I'm behind on my blogs. I missed my friends.
As you could see there was no snow at our place but it was up on the ski mountain. My husband did get to ski(board) for the last weekend of the year.  That made him happy.
I just hung out at the house and went junking one day.  We had pretty good weather. Cold but sunny which they had not had for a long time.
Glad to be home!
I miss my blog friends too.


Ames said...

I am so jealous of you. I love, love, love Montana! It would be so cool to gather eggs in the morning . Watch out for snakes. I hear they love to hang out around chicken coops too! I bet the view from your "Florida" room is a nice one too. Welcome back!~Ames

Darla said...

I love the rustic look around the chicken coop!

The Boston Lady said...

Get the chickens!!! I'm glad you're back - you must be exhausted. Great pictures of your place and surrounding areas.

Daydream Living said...

Hi KarenSue!
Thanks for putting the give away up there!
And you know what's funny, I want chickens too! Never thought I would even like them, but for now I have to wait, cause our garden is too small. Also, I noticed a new lettertype, lovely and I see that your girls (the oldest and youngest) are, like mine, ten years apart, nice to see more people have a bigger age gap.
Gotta go to bed now, see you soon,
Maureen x

Lily Dily said...

Hi Sue! It was good seeing you today...welcome back to Florida. My brother had chickens...still has the chicken coop and great tomatoes are growing wild in the coop as they would give the chickens old tomatoes...and the natural ought to talk to him b/f you get yours...See ya Linda

Linda said...

Glad you got to get away! Looks like you had some relaxing fun!