Thursday, April 28, 2011


Have you been?  I have not but I'm going this Saturday.  I feel like Florida is lacking in the Flea Market area, we do have Renningers but nothing like Texas or the Northwest area like Seattle.
If you have been or know anything about this show please tell me.  I don't know Lakeland at all so I'm going in blind.
Enjoy your evening!
And thank you!


Tynk said...

I have not been to the Fancy Flea either. Wishing I could go this Saturday, but, have other plans.. grrr.. I hope you have fun and find lotsa good stuff!!

You're right about Florida not having any good REAL flea markets. I went to Waldo last weekend, and Webster on Monday... ugh. So disappointing. Growing weary of all the plastic and toys being sold out of the back of vans, calling themselves Flea Markets..

Do let us know how it went! Have fun!!


m e g a n said...

ooo haven't been but now intrigued. Can't wait to hear how it is. Sat is our anniversary and I doubt I can drag the hubby to a flea market unfortunately! Have fun!


The Polka Dot Closet said...

I went to the last Fancy Flea and it was fun, not huge about 2 blocks long with vendors on each side. People selling all the stuff we love along with a lot of jewelry and this and that vendors. I got some great linens at the last one. It is right downtown Lakeland and they have great little restaurants all along the street, so be sure to plan lunch. A lot of the vendors are bloggers, so if there is a booth you like ask if they have a blog, you might even recognize some. Not a whole day affair, but it was a fun. Can't wait for the pictures. There was only one person with shabby furniture. I will try to make it to Art angels next week, I would love to meet you!