Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Back from beautiful Montana!

Hello everyone, we got back Friday. To get back we went planes, trains and automobile. We took the train from Whitefish Montana to Spokane Washington-how beautiful was that. I loved seeing the rural country and Mountains.
My hubbie is still there with the camera so I don't have pictures yet.
We ended up going 3,130 miles. Made a lot of site seeing stops. It was great. I had the map on my lab and said go that way. Thru Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas(tkt going thru construction area 67 in a 45),Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota, a little bit of Wyoming(Yellowstone) then last stop Lakeside Montana-7days. We have a cabin in Lakeside with a view of Flathead Lake. My oldest daughter is staying there to do a clinical in Occupational Therapy(OT). She thinks she might stay and work for a while. That's big for a Florida girl. We will see-whatever she wants to do.
Glad to be home and back to my world.
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.