Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Walking the neighborhood...

First thing I find down the street curbside.
Would you pick this up?  I wanted to but I just couldn't do it. 

I thought about just putting dark stain on the wood and making it a small table.
I walked away.  I have so much to do I just couldn't do it.  I would have to go back get the car and then lift it.  I could have but I just let it go.
What would you do?

This is Miss Harmony.  I have watched her since she was a baby, she's 2 now!  Just a little bit hyper.
She's a sweetie.

She likes her picture taken.

The Tabebuie trees are blooming.  They are my favorite.

I finally got one but it's only 2 inches high so it will be a while before they bloom.

Pretty azalea's

I think these are some kind of jasmine.

We have lots of kitties in our neighborhood.

This guy is a pain....I always think he is trying to bite my heals.
Always standing in the middle of the street, I can't believe he doesn't get hit.

Pretty white azalea's

Pretty boganvilla


I bought these at the thrift store.

I think they are pretty cool.

See the cutting board?
I think I will take that out, it's so heavy.

I like the hardware.

It will be lots of work but worth it.

Not too sure if I will be painting this part.

My buddy Bailey, always waiting for me.

Jack enjoying the pretty weather.

I have this thing for platters, especially with flowers on them.

I don't care if it's worn. 

Anyway.....I'm linking with...
Would You Buy it? Wednesday(or pick up curbside)


Monday, February 27, 2012

Our booth!

I don't think I have shown you our booth lately.
It changes so much all the time.

These are 2 half moon tables.  Priced separately, so you can by both or just one.

Very shabby, I think they would make great night tables or a great hallway table.


Or separate!

This is the cutest, sturdy little end table.

Side view.

This little blue table would be great for a child's room.

I really like how it turn out.

Another great end table, probably for a little girl.

Little bit of pink on the top..

Sweet little child's rocking chair.

Lots of pretty tables!

Another pretty table.
So, if you are looking for tables this is the place you need to be!

A great shelf just added with white vintage hooks.

I want to show you my long white shabby bench too.
All for you at Art Angels!  Things change every week so come often!
Thank you for listening and looking.
Hope you had a wonderful Monday!

A Baby shower for Karen and baby Rad!

Here he is! Rad Barley Neal

We had wonderful cupcakes!

We took turns holding the little guy.

There is proud Mommy on the right, our sweet Karen.
This is for you!

Rad was awesome!
No crying, mostly sleeping.

Lots of wonderful gifts!

Rad has no teeth..

Lots of vendors came.

The gramma's!

Look at that sweet little face.

Packed up with all the loot!
We love you and miss you so much.
It will be so much fun watching this little guy grow..
He is perfect!