Tuesday, May 29, 2012

All the same sun!!!

Here we are at my favorite beach, Anna Maria Island Florida.
My hubby is a mountain man, he doesn't like the heat.  He also doesn't like to be on my blog so please don't tell him.
Here we are with Duncan's brother David and his sweet wonderful girlfriend, Carla.
Thank you for inviting us, I had a great time.  Duncan had a good time because the weather was not so hot in the mornings and evenings.

OK, the pictures below are all the same sun!!!
If I hadn't taken these pictures I wouldn't believe it. haha
This is just 2 evenings, Saturday and Sunday evening.
So enjoy!

Sunday morning, I love a storm at the beach.
Turned around and saw the below sunrise.

Home again with my butterflies.
It's always good to be home.
Hope you enjoyed our wonderful holiday weekend, Memorial Day, honoring our soldiers!


Simply Me said...

So Beautiful!!!! Love them photos... You look so pretty too!!!

Melissa Barrett-Desimone said...

Gorgeous, looks so lovely

Connie said...

Hi Sue, Looks like you had a fun weekend. Great pictures...Connie

The Boston Lady said...

Sue those pictures are really great. I'm with Duncan on the heat but can live with it at the beach. So glad u went! Ann

Betty@SouthernGrace said...

Beautiful beach...beautiful pics! My husband doesn't know he made my blog this week either...don't tell him.

Tammy's Vintage Finds said...

Ahhhhh...that really makes me want to be near the ocean! I always tell my friends and family that someday I will live by the ocean in some sleepy little town in a cute little cottage. Maybe it's a pipe dream, but everyone has to have a dream, something to look forward to.

Bike, beach and baby supply rentals said...

Love the pictures. Really is Anna Maria Island Life

Jamie said...

Just wonderful! Thanks for sharing these great pictures - I'm envious - it's been so cold here in SW Montana! Jamie V