Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A little bit of Glacier National Park..

Can you see me? 

After all the kids left we took a drive to Glacier National Forest.. It's about 30 miles from our home and not a bad drive.

The road is only open so far but it's worth it.  You can ski or snow shoe the Going to the Sun road if you dare.

It just amazes me to see these mountains. 



SIMONA said...

MY GOD... you were in paradise???? thanks for your vicit

Kathy said...

You are so blessed to live in such an amazingly beautiful place! My husband and I spent 6 weeks in GNP this past summer working on our website I cried when we left. Some day we will be fortunate enough to live there!

Sanna said...

Hi Sue,

Stunningly beautiful!


Gail Peck said...

Absolutely gorgeous. No wonder my friend doesn't ever want to come home to Florida.

Ames said...

The water looks like a giant mirror! And the mounatains are stunning. That's one place I had not been to but heard from a friend about the Hwy to the Sun. I think that's what it was called. She said it was glorious.Sigh. I can't wait to go back.~Ames

Anita said...

Your camera did a stellar job...these photos are amazing! I went to Glacier yesterday and was hit with a blizzard...normal Jan. weather but I was so surprised anyway! I couldn't even see the mountains and the wind was so strong and bitter cold I couldn't even ski... I walked for about three minutes...Your 75 sounds real good to me!