Monday, January 30, 2012

My Tuesday's Treasures

OK, a before picture of a little end table I bought.
I always seem to forget the before pictures.
This time I don't have the after...haha

It's in pretty good condition.

Why do people do this?  Either paint the whole drawer or just the front, don't do this.
What would you do?  I did paint the whole drawer.  I haven't finish so I will show you later.

The last of my sunflowers.  I wish those power wires were not there.
Look at that blue sky!  It was about 70 degrees today.

Bad hair day.

My bougainvillea is finally blooming.

This little guy popped up today.

My milkweed is starting to come back.  I hope for lots of catapillers this year.

My sweet boys enjoying the beautiful weather today.

Jack got out today, he's a runner.
The wind blew the front door open and I didn't hear it.  I came around the corner and saw the door wide open.  You might have heard me screaming his name~JACK!  I can run you know, pretty fast if I have to.
He was at the back fence looking for kitties to chase.
When he saw his Grammy running and screaming his name he knew to just lay down and wait for me.
I was so afraid he would take off as I got closer.
He really has gotten better.

I just love these..
So I'm looking at my friends Pinterest and see this..  It's mine!!  I made it in Montana last summer out of a chicken feeder I found.
I hope it's still alive when I go back next summer..
You think?




Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Look at all those beautiful flowers...we sure do live in different climates!

Sanna said...

Yes, I do like that chicken feeder! I also love the idea of organizing jewelry you´re showing. The end table is cute. Will you keep it? Normally, I would not paint the drawers but, looking like that I would consider it - or sand it down, but that is hard work, at least to me ;)

I´m feeling like the "bad hair day" sunflower right now. Haha! Slow day here.

Have a great day friend!

Sylvia said...

LOL...I have the same problem when I take pictures of my sunflowers..those darn wires!!!

Love, love that chicken feeder and that end table is going to look FAB when it's finished. I never paint the side of the drawers, just the front.

Have a great day,

Denise said...

I LOVE that style of won't last long. They sell quick. As far as the drawers....some I do, some I don't....depends on how dirty they are....I've painted insides and sides when needed. Love your doggies and your blooming flowers. I need to get in my garden and get rid of some dead stuff from our little freeze. My canna leaves and stalks just turn to mush. Hope to see you soon. Denise

The Boston Lady said...

Now that you mention it, I do think I heard a banshee-like screech yesterday afternoon. Jaaaaacccckkkk!!!!!! Yep, I heard it!

Love the sunflowers especially the one with the bad hair day. I can identify with that one. Ann

Robin said...

Adorable table. What a great find.

Ruffles n Raspberries said...

Love the bad hair day comment.. hehe!
Cute little table too, can't wait to see it finished!

Sherry said...

I love this whole post! Love the flowers! The furniture, the chicken feeder pot, and cute cute dogs!
Have a great day :)