Saturday, January 21, 2012

Can I show you my sunflowers? And more Art Angels!!

I planted these before I left for Montana Christmas day.  I have a small raised garden that I love to fill with sunflower seeds and watch them grow.

They even made it through a freeze we had here in Orlando while I was gone.

I just love their pretty faces.

And now some more Art Angels.
I just took a few random pictures so you could see some of our new vendors and some that have been there for a while.

This is Francis and she does this on the computer!!!
I'm sorry to say I miss placed her website.

She makes these too!!
So much talent.

This booth belongs to our newcomer Sarah.  The first day she was in she sold a dresser!!  When I see these new vendors and they sell so fast I feel like a slacker, but that's OK because it motivates me..
Sarah has a website called 2+HUE Designs, check it out!
I'm not happy this this photo, I will try to do better next time.

And now just some random Art Angels...

This is Ruth's booth.  Always so much fun!!
And so many treasures to be found.

Happy Saturday to you!!!


Sylvia said...

Hi Sue, Thanks for visiting my blog and as to your questsion about Rennigers...No, can't go this time, I'm bummed!!

Wow.. didn't know we could grow sunflowers this late in the year, they are beautiful!

Thanks for showing us all that eye candy...I need to get myself to your place.


Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for including pics of my booth and a link to my blog in your post! I love your blog - you're definitely an inspiration!


Sanna said...

Hi Sue,

I am amazed that you´re having sunflowers in your garden! They are so lovely. Looking out my window, I see snow falling down. Maybe we´ll have a Winter Wonderland tomorrow.. who knows! What a contrast right? I was looking through the pics of your booth below. I love your booth! I think you are doing an amazing job with it. Wonderful displays. I think the newcomers should be jealous of you *wink* ;)

Hope you´re having a great weekend. I am waiting for dinner to get ready. Meanwhile, I´m sipping some wine to control my hunger LOL!


The Boston Lady said...

Sue, your sunflowers are as beautiful as you are! Love them! I'm going to have to stop by AA this week, I want to see what exactly those hanging Ball jars are. You know I'm obsessed with them. Still fighting my vacation chest cold, hope to be up and running next week! Ann

Denise @ The Rusty Gate said...

LOVE Sunflowers, too....I have a huge Mexican Sunflower bush that doesn't like our freezing weather, but it gives me good reason to cut it back each year. Can't wait to come visit Art Angels again. Denise

The Polka Dot Closet said...

YOur sunflower is gorgeous! I should do that, I was actually going to ask where you got the seeds LOL! I love when you take pictures at AA, that one booth does look like fun!


Connie said...

Hi Sue,Love your flowers, love your booth, love your blog! Yes, I plan to set up at Fancy Flea. I think Laurie wants to open another block and I heard she is raising the rent, too.

Di said...

The flowers are beautiful. Your booth, wow shutters, horse picture. Also, I love the pink car, how much is it and what is the measurements? Does she have an etsy shop? And why don't you!!?? Di@cottage-wishes