Friday, September 25, 2009

Good News!

This is the kitty I couldn't catch. I thought she had died like her Mom, I just couldn't find her. Well, my neighbor heard her crying on Wednesday, I had search the bushes and did not see her. She was there! Very very thin, no food for about 4 days. My neighbor took her in and love her. She is a very grateful kitty. Happy ending to the story!
Have a fun weekend. We have family birthday party at the lake on Sunday. It's still 90 here! The only way I know it's fall is by looking a blogs.


Tara said...

oh goodness, what a sweet little baby! so glad she is safe, hope you have a nice weekend~

Anonymous said...

That's so wonderful! You are such a sweet gal..( I have told you this before, I hope) I am hoping and wishing for some cooler weather. I do wish you the most wonderful of weekends!


The Boston Lady said...

Sue, I am so glad this story had a mostly happy ending!! I was so sad when I read your "mama cat" post. She did the best she could for her babies. Hope to see you soon.

Ann W

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