Sunday, September 6, 2009

French Larkspur

I'm sorry there is no picture. I'm having trouble with posting pictures.

I wanted to tell about the give away French Larkspur is having. Click on her button to the right. It's awesome-check it out. I probably should not be telling anyone so my chances would be better. I'm really depending on karma for this. We will see. Good luck to you.
Happy Sunday!


Nordingården said...

What a wonderful table and birdbath below! Thank you for visiting my blog, Welcome to my new! Mari.

Anonymous said...

Sending good Karma your way..PDQ. You did a great thing for your friend..but then, I am pretty sure you are just that kind of wonderful woman. I am never wrong about these things.

Tracey said...

Oh thank you so much for posting about my sweet of you! Now I need to go and read some more of your lovely blog! Happy Labor Day, hope your long weekend was a good one!!!

:) T