Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Morning

This is what I do on Sunday mornings. Hubbie is off water skiing, I could have gone except I don't like to get in Florida Lakes and riding in the boat at a high speed just doesn't appeal to me. I can ski. I just wanted you to know that.
The flag was blowing so pretty.

Bailey and Miley enjoying the morning shade before it gets to be 90!
I'm sorry about the hose. Miley would have ran off it I tried to move it.
Off the get my baby(17) new jeans. Then a 4pm meeting fundraiser meeting for yearbook.
Fun Sunday to all.


Jen R. said...

What agreat way to spend the morning!

Keke said...

Oh how I love Sunday morning, favorite morning of the week! There's a song my American husband and I use to dance around the kitchen and sing to when the babies were small and we were making breakfast, "Sunday morning over easy..." Thats what your post reminds me of...such a happy memory. Thanks for the inspiration...Keke

Kar said...

These quiet mornings are the best! I love to get out also before the heat takes over the day. Awesome!

Tracey said...

I LOVE Country Gardens magazine! I've let a lot of my subscriptions expire, but that is one I still love. Especially when the early Spring issue comes and there is still snow outside, but I am dreaming of being in my garden :) Your Sunday morning looks divine!

:) T