Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

I just love this sweet little bird bath. I can't tell if it's really old. I think it is
I went back to the thrift store to get the table. I might change the top to glass someday. But it will have to be cheap.

I go these 4 chairs at the thrift for 16.95! My story about these are I waited for 4 beautiful soft beach colored chairs to come out for 1 hour. I had to leave because a friend called me to say she was at the doctor and was told to go to the ER now! They thought she was having a heart attack. I ran to go with her. She ended up just fine. When I went back to get the chairs someone was putting them in the car! I was sick.. They were the most beautiful Adirondack chairs I had seen. I thought oh well it was meant to be. A few days later these were there waiting for me. I'm perfectly happy.

I'm such a book person. Anything that has to do with thrifing, cottage decorating, gardening. I will even buy the same book twice, you never know who might want it or it could become a gift.

I have not even looked at this book. A quick flip was all I needed.
I hope you had a good thrift Thursday. It's a rainy day here in sunny Florida.

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KarenB said...

Hi there. I saw a comment you left on My Romantic Home and had to come visit. You see, my name is Karen Sue also. I often ask other Karen's and haven't found too many. I was called that in class in elementary school because there were always other Karens. I like your thrift store treasures. You seem to get really great deals in Florida. Not so much here in SoCal.