Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thrifty Thursday and kitty update!

The little white kitty has a home! Still have not caught the other tiger kitty and the mommy. Maybe today. I will keep trying.
This is Tiger, he has to wear a tie when he begs at the table. He is missing his upper teeth.

I have been finding these cute old jars lately. I'm thinking about starting an Etsy Shop. I just don't have the confidence yet, my friends tell me I have an I. Maybe soon.

I love old Christmas ornaments. I have about 100 without these. I did loose 10 last Christmas with a new kitty in the house.
Have a happy Thursday and thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you found white kitty a home. What a big heart you have. Oh Tiger, with his gentleman's tie..too cute. You should definitely start an Etsy shop. What do you have to lose? I love old jars and pitchers. I will be your first customer, you just tell me when you do it.
XO Sue

Hulda said...

Oh, your kitties are so cute. :) Lovely! I have tried to put in a translater on my blog, but I didn't find out. I'll try again. :)

Hulda said...

The translater is now availeble on blog. :)

Jackie said...

I've been checking out your blog. You obviously have a great "eye" and should start an etsy shop! It's easy and cheap too. Now is the time to start it-I sell on etsy and the best time for selling is Christmas!