Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thrifty finds for Tuesdays Treasures....

I have been looking for this for 2 years.  I wanted it for a Halloween decoration either in my home or in our booth at Art Angels.
I know I could have bought a new one in the store but I couldn't do that.
So I waited.....
And there it was at my Thrift Store, sitting on the shelf waiting for me.

I guess you can't see this very well but it does have some good stuff.

This great scale and I have been looking for old black books for more Halloween decorations.

This scale is cool with all it's crusty rusty patina!
And look at those children shoe forms...so cool.

Perfection to me.

Some people(hubby) just don't get it.
Sooooo good!

I'm not really a Longaburger girl anymore, so I'm selling them in my booth. 
A couple pretty shabby bowls and a GREAT role of rusty wire, more perfection!

A great basket.

With cute little handles.

If it's French I will buy it.

I love the patina on this old shoe shine kit.


I guess it use to have a top.  That doesn't bother me that it's gone.

Do you shine your shoes?

And another old shoe form.

A pretty white pitcher.

I love the graphics.

This are just so cute.
Just ignore the foot.

I don't think you can see the size 3 on them.

Comparing the size and the color difference.

I also have been looking for one of these.
Kathy had one but sold it in the booth.

This was on my last post and it's not mine.

Linking with Tuesday's Treasures, thanks Kristin!
And Nifty Thrifty Tuesday.  Linda, I can't leave comments for some crazy reason.  I do read your posts! I promise!
Have a wonderful day my blog friends!


Lily Dily said...

Hi Sue! Great finds you have!! I have been busy painting with my new paint...and love love love it...I need to go in to AA and redo my booth...see ya. Thanks, Linda

Sanna said...

Hi Sue,

Great items! I like the scale too. Now, I get a little freaked out by the Ouija game. Does that really work..?? Haha. Will be fun to see your Halloween display. You are showing right? Don´t forget to take pictures *lol*

Have a great day friend,

Sylvia said...

Love the foot..hehe...the ouija board freaks me out, once played with it and felt it move on its own...never again have I touched one. haha

I love the black scale...heck I love everything you found!