Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chic & Shabby.....

I almost forgot to take the before pitures.
Kathy and I have been wanting a sign for the booth.
When I saw this clock I thought I could take the clock out and chalk board paint it.

I like how it hangs sideways and you can see it from both directions.

I put 2 coats of primer on it and 2 coats of chalk board paint.

This is before the last coat. 

TA DA!  Here it is hanging in the booth.
I put rhinestones in the middle to cover the whole.
Kathy wrote Chic & Shabby because she has better writing then I do.

Plus we added the little curtains at the top to cover the harsh lighting.

I found these flowers all together at the thrift.  They are a soft rosy color and look so real to me.

We are very happy with the booth.  We are always changing and adding new things.

This is the sign from the other direction.

This is our little camping area.  I was trying to get some fall colors in.

And here are the boys in the pool on Sunday.
Jack is not crazy about it.
Bailey will get in on his own if his float is in the pool.

Trying to teach Jack to swim to the steps.
We get lots of leaves.  I figure it's like swimming in a lake, you know there are leaves and dirt on the bottom of lakes.  It makes it natural.

One more picture of our sign.
I really like it.
Do You?

Linking with White Wednesday.
Hi Kathleen, I hope you know I do read your blog.  I'm not able to leave comments for some crazy reason, I'm sure it's me.  I just wanted you to know.

Jack and Bailey one more time!
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!
I'm off to help my friend with her sons wedding today.
They have asked Kathy and I to help on Sunday!  We are so's going to be fun.


Denise said...

LOVE your new sign...great idea! Your doggies look nice and cool after their swim in the pool. Our pool does not have a screen either...can you believe we have had 3 houses with pools and none of them had screens...we wouldn't want it any other way. More work, but love to be out in the open when swimming. Lunch on Thursday? What time are you and Kathy? going?

Sylvia said...

I like the sign, good find! The booth looks good, can't wait to shop there.


outjunking said...

Thank you for visiting my post. Your booth is fabulous, I am just about to go decorate mine, you have motivated me.

Sanna said...

Hi Sue,

Great idea for a sign! Love the clock. Your booth is so nicely put together and I like the little camping site.

Jack and Bailey are so cute together. Nice to see Bailey with some fur again ;)

Have a good day!

Tynk said...

What a great idea you had to turn that clock into a sign.. it looks GREAT in your booth (so does your booth!!) Just awesome!

The Boston Lady said...

I love it my very good friend. So glad you and Chic stopped by to witness the madness and give fabulous suggestions! You are the best! - I'm rethinking that thermos now....hmm Ann

Kathy said...

Our hard work paid off this week! the idea you had for the sign!The booth looks amazing~just in time for "Ladies Night" next Thursday at Art Angels!Can't wait!
Love ya,

shohshi said...
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shohshi said...

Your idea for turning the clock into a sign is so creative. It looks terrific! Your booth looks great. My favorite pictures are of Bailey and Jack in the pool, of course. hugs ~ jennifer

Kelly said...

Your new sign looks great. I love how you were able to transform a clock with chalkboard paint and turn it into something else. That's very creative. Your dogs are so cute too. I plan on posting about my boston terrier sometime soon. He loves swimming in a pool too. We've taken him on vacation with us and he makes us laugh when he jumps on a float like it's a surfboard.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Love the sign and your booth is DARLING! And the puppies too!


A Cottage Muse said...

What a great sign!!
Your booth looks just great!

Roselle said...

That is an FAB sign! Your booth is wonderful!
Visiting from WW today.

Di said...

Great finds in the post before...too much good stuff in your booth. The sign turned out great, I sure miss your stuff. The camping section is great, you just can't find that stuff easily. Keep it up!

Mimi said...

Great idea and turned out perfect ~ just might have to start looking for a clock like that so I can be a copycat. Love your booth and the puppies. Most loved your comment about the leaves in the pool ... tried over and over to convince hubby of the same thing before we moved away from the pool.

Debbie said...

Love the clock idea! and what a surprise little Bailey.
So precious !

Have a wonderful time making your "friends" wedding so beautiful and special from the heart.