Monday, September 5, 2011

Nona Adella's Sauce & Balls and MY $5.00 Chair!

Our friends in Montana had this cook book make up.
And she gave it to me!
Thank you Cathy!
I have used it a few times already.

This is the second time I have made Nona Adella's sauce and balls.

And it's wonderful!

Nona Adella is our friend Tony Loiacono's mother.
She lives in Toronto and only speaks Italian.

Tony is a very special friend to us.  He is getting married to Kage this weekend in Montana and we are so sad we can not be there.
I know this will be a very happy and fun wedding.
Love you both Tony and Kage.

The best part about this recipe is you don't have to cook the balls.
Just form them and drop them in the simmering sauce.
Of course I forgot to take a picture of my perfect balls.

Let them cook for a few hours and they are perfect.

I make it in my crock pot.  You do have to leave the top off to thicken it up.

And now my $5.00 chair.

First I put 2 coats of ASCP old white.

Sanded and then I put AS dark wax on and sanded again.
Then AS clear wax.

I had this in my stash.  I was going to make a big pillow out of it but it fit the chair perfect.
I like it.

I'm going to have a hard time selling this baby.
I think I will live with it for a while.
And that's one of the joys of doing what we are doing.
I don't have to sell it!
But I will.

So here she is.
Hope you are enjoying this Labor Day Holiday.
I have my flag out!

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Thanks ladies!


Lou said...

Sue Bee -
Love both! Oh, I'm definitely going to try the meat balls. I'm not even close to being a cook but this looks like something even I can follow, and the chair is beautiful! I just purchased a caned back chair very similar to yours for a dollar! One little break in the cane that I hope I can repair but I planned to use ASCP also. Thanks for the details.
Connie (akaLOU)

Lily Dily said...

Hi Sue! The meatballs and sauce look yummy!! Our family makes a chili like don't brown the meat, you just cook it with the sauce the same. Love the chair...where did you pick it up at? I finally broke and ordered some sample pots of ASCP...I can not wait until I get them, oh and some clear wax. Now to get lots of cheap furniture to paint!!! See ya, Linda

Denise said...

Thanks for the recipe...will try it next week. Your chair turned out really cute....I love, love, love the burlap seat...I don't know if I could give that up! Forgot to tell you that the sign you posted last week with the saying about LIFE is at TJ Maxx in with the pictures. They had some others as well...including some on FAMILY. Let me know if you want one and can't find them.

time worn interiors said...

Loving the $5 chair, looks like a million now!

diane said...

The website has a map, it was a fun mall between Asheville and Columbia. We were visiting Lanford, SC and found it on the way back to Asheville. Thanks Sue, are you going to all The Boone HS events, of course we moved and can't travel back and forth!! I told Sher to check out your store. BY the WAY, I love your chair...I almost bought a piece of that fabric from loss!! Di@cottage Wishes

Ames said...

Wow! Love that chair! The meatballs look good too. I seem to have a collection of church cook books and Women's club cook books. They are always full of tried and true recipes.~Ames
P.S. I have my flag out to!

The Boston Lady said...

Sue, I don't know what I like better, the balls or the chair! I am definitely going to try those meatballs someday. The chair turned out just gorgeous - I wish I could sand as well as you and Chic do - my stuff is still quite amateur! Ann

Suzann said...

Love the chair cover you made!!!
The food in the crock pot looks good, what time did you say dinner is?
Enjoy your day!!!
Suzann ~xoxo~

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Love the chair and the BALLS....YUMMMMM!


Peggy said...

Love the shabby chippiness of the chair its gorgeous! The grain sack is just perfect for it.

Sanna said...

Hi KarenSue,

Wow wow wow! You did a really great job with that chair! And the fabric is just perfect! I would have a hard time selling it too ;)

I do love meatballs. But I have never tried cooking them this way. Now I think I should! Nice of your friend to give you the cookbook. I was thinking of making my own too someday.

Have a great day my friend,