Monday, September 19, 2011

My little peek at the wedding!

Kathy and The Boston Lady..
Let the wedding begin!

Me, Carol and Kathy putting the finishing touches on the tables.

A little peek at the cake.

We had such a blast!  I think someone has discovered her niche.

A peek at some tables.
Each table had a name that was special to the bride and groom.

Each table was different.
See the cute wine bottle labels?!

Here we are with the bride and groom.
Aren't they adorable!!!!
This was the best wedding, so personal and fun.
And wait until you see the food!!!!
Kathy and I are honored to be invited and included.
Best wished!
because this was a nifty wedding!!!

because this wedding was a treasure!!
We decorated all the tables with thrifty finds and treasures.
oh and the bride has a blog!!!


Denise said...

Looks like the "two" of you found your niche! Nice to see that the tables were personalized to the happy couple. Could you feel the love in the air???
Enjoy the wedding!

Shirley said...

Hi Sue, I loved looking at the pictures and you did a wonderful job. Aren't weddings so much fun.
I enjoyed reading some of your previous post. Have a great week Your Missouri Friend.

Darla said...

Very nice!

Shabby soul said...

It must be a so lovely wedding!
Darling Sue thank you for your visits and your kind comments! I'm happy you like my little home!

The Boston Lady said...

This wedding wouldn't have been what it was without you and Kathy's magical touch and generosity with time and treasures. The best treasures of all are the two of you and yes, I think you both have found your niche! Love you both. Ann

High Falootin' Junk said...

Sue, you two did a great job. I know you must have had a blast preparing everything.


Linda said...

I knew it would be beautiful! Can't wait to see more from Ann, too!

Kathy said...

Oh my dear friend, we both have definitely found our niche! Words can't begin to explain how wonderful the whole wedding process has been and seeing it to the storybook completion has been an overwhelming experience. Best of all we did it together! Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! Love ya

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Absolutely beautiful! We were just at a wedding where each table was different -- the guests had such fun looking over each table! What a great idea!

shohshi said...

Lovely! You ladies created a gorgeous gift for the bride and groom. Makes me wanna get . . . No, nevermind. Heehee.
Hugs to you both ~ jennifer

centerofgravity said...

Sue, you and Kathy did a wonderful job with the tables, etc. It was such a fun wedding and so personal. I'm going to miss collecting jars, vases, doilies etc. for it. See you at the Thrift and Art Angels.

The Country Mouse said...

Thanks, Sue (and Kathy) for letting me join the fun as you finished the beautiful job you did decorating for the reception! I had a great time and the room couldn't have been more beautiful! And my feet are forever grateful for the loan of your "backup shoes."....Carol

Rachel Pallas said...

Hi Sue! :) Thanks so much for stopping by today! so nice to hear from you~ I'm so glad my post inspired you too!! Have a wonderful day~ xo Rachel

Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing said...

What a gorgeous looking wedding. My sis is getting married next year so I am gathering and storing wedding ideas and table centerpieces, etc. I love what I see. Thanks for popping over and wishing Alex luck. On the shot, if your son does get it, be prepared for the worst shot of his life....however, quick relief, that medicine kicks in fast.

Simply Me said...

Thank you so much !! Hope you are doing well... I will see you soon.. O by the way do you know the date for the Fancy Flea.. i would love to go this time .. Thanks