Sunday, January 9, 2011

Woods Bay Montana Polar Plunge! 2011

The paramedic snorkelers are in the water waiting for the horn to blow.

I think this might even be harder then the plunge....waiting.

Are 3 shots good this time?  We know 5 is too many.

Thinking....I could change my mind ya know.

It's time!  Get ready.  I saw speedo's, I saw girls bikini underwear.

I think Charlie chose the right outfit.

The horn blows!  In and out pretty fast.

Are they crazy or what!

It looks chilly.  Oh about 15degrees I think.


Crossed arms helps ya know.

Very proud of himself!

This girl was not impressed at all.

There's a smile!

Driving around beautiful Flathead Lake. It takes my breath away every time.

Amanda on our friends balcony on Flathead Lake.

I had about 25 pictures loaded and then something went crazy and my computer loaded all my pictures...over 400. I didn't think you guys wanted to spend that much time looking. It was frustrating, I had to take a break and then come back and shorten this post.  So next is SHOPPING!
I'm still trying to catch up on all my reading of blogs.
Enjoy your week and stay warm.
Hugs to all of ya!


Jane said...

Oh, I can't even imagine doing that!! I was cold just looking at the pictures!
Looks like a beautiful place.

David said...

That's insane!

The Boston Lady said...

Oh, I gladly would have looked at all 400! But, Charlie, I'm so glad you had the nerve to take that plunge! You will get an extra tip next time I go through that drive-thru! You have proven that you are worthy! And totally crazy like the rest of them! Ann

Kristin @ wRIte iT DOwN said...

Very cute! Have the girls ever done this? Have you Auntie Sue???? Craziness!

Linda said...

They do this in Minnesota, too...its so ridiculously cold here, why would they want to be any colder? LOL!

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