Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm back from Montana and it's time for my giveaway!

Happy New Year!
It's been 2 weeks since I have been on a computer. I don't know where to start, I need to post but I want to read all of your blogs.
On our way to Montana Christmas Eve this FedEx plane flew past us with gifts to deliver.  I thought it looked pretty cool.
Just a few pictures.
We had the best snow!
3 feet!

I wanted you to see all the snow piled up out the window.

It did this for a whole day!
OK, now for what you have been waiting for
The winner of The Farm Chick Christmas book is.........
Congratulations to you.
Email me your address and I will send this great book out to you ASAP!


shohshi said...

Hello Lovely,

Great pictures!

I'm looking forward to hearing all about your trip. Glad your home!

hugs ~ jennifer

Sanna said...

Welcome home KarenSue!

I like the photo of the plane up in the air. It´s like a modern twist of Santa and his reindeers (with some imagination of course ;))
Wonderful pics from Montana. It is beautiful with snow but, I have to confess, we are a little bit tired of it now... when will the snow stop falling..? :)

Have a great weekend!

Darla said...

Such beautiful photos! Welcome Home..

The Boston Lady said...

I was actually going to say exactly what Sanna did about a modern day twist on Santa. Great pictures and I'm so glad you are back! Ann

Lily Dily said...

Welcome back home Sue! I love your pictures...they are beautiful. Will have to add Montana on my list of places to visit for sure. So you love my purse from "your" thrift store do ya? Okay we will share....I am sure I will see you up there or Art Angels soon...See ya, Linda Lily Dily

Kit said...

That is so wonderful that you had a good time in Montana! It is quite the lovely place and I am glad we had snow for you. Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope to come back and visit here with you! Kit

Daydream Living said...

Welcome back KarenSue!
Shame I didn't win the book, but it looked so great, I think of ordering it now, so thanks for the inspiration!
Maureen x