Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Redneck Chic and Station 8 plus friends!

My favorite shops!
Redneck Chic is a hugh building with lots of vender's.  I always find good junk here.

I met Dana who has a booth right in the front of the store and is one of my favorite spaces.
She is friends with my good friend Carmen who lives in Lakeside right next to me. When you say next to me here you can't see them but you know they are close.

My other favorite is Station 8.
It's about 30 minutes from us so we don't get there as ofter but it is worth the trip.

Someday I will have an old truck in my yard filled with plants and flowers.
Me and Carmen. Carmen and Larry are our best friends in Montana.  They do so much for us when we get there.  They get the house all warm and cozy in the winter and fill the fridge!
We are so lucky to have such good friends in Montana.
It's probably why we want to move there.

Happy New year from Spinny's.
Yes, that is John Lithcoe. He lives in Lakeside also and goes to Spinny's on New Years Eve if he is in town.
Spinny's is where I do my laundry, it's kind of a dumpy bar/laundry mat.

Katie and Cathy, Cathy and Mies are very good friends.  We have so much fun with them.  We always look forward to spend time with them and their sweetie pie daughter Emmary Grace who is 5 years old.   I'm mad at myself, I didn't get any pictures of Emmary this year!

Tony lives above us with the most amazing view of Flathead Lake. He is building this Beautiful 3 story home all by himself!
He is a great friend and I just love him.

The kids!
They do grow up ya know.

Tony and Charlie(Katie's boyfriend).

Me, Emily and Carmen

Emily and our other Tony who did all the work on our little cabin for us.
Now he owns his own resteraunt with fiance Kage.
Bonelli's Bistro in downtown Kalispell on 1st ave.
It really is the best!

This is Kage and Cathy.
Just fun girls I enjoy being with.

Tony and Larry.
Larry and Carmen own Advanced Power Coating in Kalispell.  So if you need anything power coated go see them and tell them I sent you.


The Boston Lady said...

Oh Sue you look like you had such a great time! I must go to Spinny's sometime on New Year's and meet John Lithgow - you know what a celebrity hound I am! Both those shops look like lots of fun and it's nice to put faces with some of the names I hear you mention. Just wonderful. Ann

Melissa said...

OH dear Karen Sue!! You have been so busy!!....and every so fabulous! I just love stopping by for your energy and inspiration!! I have missed my blog friends...it is glad to be back! Keep inspiring luv!!