Sunday, January 16, 2011

RENNINGERS!!!! And a new giveaway winner!!!!

It's overwhelming!

So big you don't know where to start or end for that matter!

My buddy!  She is so cute and sweet. Called her at the last minute and she was ready to go after working all night!

We didn't even get to this section.
You have to have full pockets to shop it all.

We started out fresh being able to look around and be selective.

So much to see and great ideas everywhere.

I love out door junk.
Yard junk.

This area looks like a small village and these vendors are there all the time.

She goes into  her model pose if you point a camera at her.
Most people turn their head or put a hand up.
She's ready!

I love this!

This guy had old phone parts.

I have one of these and I dropped the receiver and broke it.
My Dad gave it to me and I didn't want to tell him.  He doesn't read this.
So I was able to replace it.

Lots of old windows.
A little pricey especially since I got 2 curbside last week

Here we are heading out. We already make one trip to the car with treasures.
Had a blast mostly because my good good buddy went with me.

This is a mix of what I bought at Renningers and an estate sale we stopped at on our way to Renningers.

These are vintage invitations for have coffee.  I think they are so sweet.

Love these burlap pieces.

I wish I had bought more.  $10.00 each with the stencil on them. I already made one into a pillow.

I like old library boxes to store pictures.
Twine and old lace are another thing that I can't walk away from.

Jennifer bought this Annie Oakley for my cowgirl room in Montana.
She is beautiful and fits right in.
Sometimes her music plays(only when she wants it too).
She's lovely!

I love old silver or silver plate.  These came from the estate sale.
And and old hole sprinkler.

This is very heavy.  From the estate sale.

It will look beautiful filled with flowers this spring.

This is from Renningers.  Does anyone know what it says and what language it is?

Pretty lace collars.

A few post cards over 100 years old.
Also, the winner of my giveaway has not come forward. So I will pull another name from the comments that are already listed this evening.
Enjoy your Sunday!
OK, it's evening and Emily pulled a new name, the new winner is.....
Glacier Dreaming! Email me your address and I will be going to the post office!


Darla said...

I like almost all of this...Florida way! Vorice may be a Spanish last name...

Linda said...

Wow, what a fun day...and such great goodies! And you're right, what makes it extra special is the time spent with a good friend!

Ames said...

Drats! I missed it! I had company or I would have probably run into you there. ~Ames

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Wow, what an amazing market! I would shop there for sure.Your friend looks fun! Thanks for the visit.~Cheers Kim

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Cute Blog as well! ~Kim

Jane said...

Can I come next time? It looks like an awesome place. Glad you both had a fun day.

shohshi said...

A very fun day with my dear friend. One of my top ten days of 2011 - already! hugs ~ jennifer

The Boston Lady said...

Of course I looked it up! Vorice, I found is a name in English or French. A first name. You will have to name something Vorice so you can label it. CG and I are going there next weekend, couldn't go this weekend so I hope you left us something! Ann P.S. I love that planter!

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Looks like you surely had a great time at Rennigers and the Estate Sale...what a great weekend! I love the pillow you made (so quickly). I always make pillows with an envelope much faster and easy!

Have a great week.