Thursday, January 13, 2011

What is this bottle for?

I found this a few weeks ago.  I love the shape the color and the lid is metal.

I don't know what it was used for.
Do You?

I also found this pretty glass water pitcher with the silver plate top.
It looks so pretty with ice water in it.
$1.91 at the thrift.

Lola is not real happy with me right now.
I'm linking this with Linda at A la Carte
Happy Friday to you!


shohshi said...

Hello Lovely,
Cool bottle. Love love love Lola's picture. =)
Yes lunch & junkin' with my best pal! Could there be any better way to spend an afternoon. Me thinks not!

hugs ~ jennifer

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I don't know what the green bottle is for, but I love it!! You found some awesome items. Aw...say Hi to Lola for me! Thanks for joining JFF!


Hello, I think its for oil - oliveoel maybe - best regards from germany

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Well first of all, I do love the color of the bottle. I've never seen that type of lid before...very unusual. Love the glass pitcher. Nice to see you here on JFF.

Linda said...

Lola is so funny! Love the water pitcher~ very pretty!

Darla said...

My first thought was olive oil too.

David said...

My first thought was for sprinkling water on your clothes when you're ironing. But those were tiny pinholes. And olive oil despensers have a very narrow spout. Plus, that would make a big mess if you poured any kind of oil out of that thing. In fact, the holes are too large for most liquids.

Because of the size of the holes, I think maybe it was used as a dry goods dispenser of some sort. Something that you would want large holes to pour out of, but that you would want it protected from flies and stuff when you weren't using it.

The Boston Lady said...

Maybe it is to shake parmesan cheese out of?? My first thought, too, was the sprinkling of water on clothes before ironing or the olive oil scenario. At "our" thrift? Good deals..... Ann

Vicki said...

Hey, Karen Sue! I was wondering if it were meant for cheese too. Hey, really pretty no matter what. I love both. Hope you have a fabulous weekend! I'm getting lights in my studio. I guess that means I need to finish all these projects?! lol

xinex said...

Beautiful bottle with a unique top! What a pretty color too. Great finds!...Christine

Melissa said...

SOO in love with that green bottle dear friend!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

That bottle is a mystery to me! I love it though! What a great find.
Have a pretty day!

Ames said...

I am leaning torwards a water shaker for ironing clothes. My mother had one, although the holes were slightly smaller. What ever it is, it's a pretty green. ~Ames