Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jack and a Table

Jack is always good for White Wednesday.
He likes to be close to Lola B.

I forgot the before again.
Why am I so bad about that?
Anyway, I can't remember where I got this little table and it's little.

I had it in the yard and realized it would fall apart out in the weather.
It was an earthy green, that I did like but now that I have my Annie Sloan Chalk paint I walk around the house looking for things to paint.

I LOVE THIS PAINT.  I was afraid to buy it because of the price.  But after I used it I don't know how I can go back to regular paint.
I'm sure I will for some things.

These are those old brown wooden spoons from the 60's or 70's.
I haven't finished them but I think I'm going to like them all shabbied up.

I have had this cactus for years. I found it on my walk one year and carried it home.
I think I have had it for about 10 years and it's never bloomed before. 
It's beautiful!!
I'm linking with Kathleen at Faded Charm for White Wednesday..

And also Wow us Wednesday at Savy Sothern Style....thanks Kim!!
Enjoy your day my friends..


Lou said...

Sue -

Love that you are one of those people that let your four legged friends (Jack) be in your bed. That warms my heart.

Just got a can of Annie Sloan paint and can't wait to use it. I have a feeling from all the blogging reviews that I'm going to be like you.....looking around the house for something to paint.

As always, I love visiting your wonderful blog.

Connie (aka Lou)

Sylvia said... can always come over to my house and start painting!


time worn interiors said...

I haven't tried that paint yet, but I want to!

Denise said...

Chalk paint here, and chalk paint there, here we paint, there we paint, everything we chalk paint!! I don't have to walk around my house looking as there are projects galore staring me in the face...the question is what's next. And, it's worth the dollars when we don't have to do all the sanding and priming. I will get some of mine posted by week's end. I brought an urn into the mall that I had painted and forgot to get a picture...hope it lasts until I get there turned out so nice. I have some interesting cactus growing on the side of my house...left here by the previous owners. I will have to take some pictures for you to see. It has really cool blooms. I can tell they are getting ready. And, you're certainly welcome to some and they have really spread out over the last few years. Was over towards your place yesterday, but didn't make it quite that south. Let's meet for lunch soon.

The Boston Lady said...

Well, you know I think you do everything right and this is a perfect example! Please don't paint Jack! Or Bailey, but now I think I need a can of that chalk paint! Ann