Sunday, August 7, 2011

Flowers of Montana!!! And Bailey....before and after

I wanted you to see the flowers of Montana...

These grow wild all over the place.  This is on our property.

I bought this beauty at The Farm Chick Show..  You can bet I got a lot of teasing about this, a neighbor brought me a couple old rusty cans to make fun of me.  I loved them!!!  Go ahead make fun!!!

Just a few of the old bottles I bought from my friend Anita at Vintiquities.
I'm so sad I didn't take pictures of her and her shop this time.
You know when you just get comfortable and don't see what's around you.
She has the most adorable shop in Somers Montana, right on Flathead Lake.

More lavender from the lavender field we went to.
I love the soft pink.

I got this at The Farm Chick Show also. An old sap bucket.
I love the green.

The contrast of the green and pink are perfect.

These are dried peonies!!
Anita did this so I had to try and it worked!!
A beautiful soft creamy color with little streaks of pink.

I might have shown you this, an old chicken feeder.  I put succulents in.

I hope it makes it thru the winter.
The curly thing is suppose to attract hummingbirds.

Cherries are big in the Flathead Valley.

I hope to have a tree when I move there.

I just love them and what they do.

Do you see what this is???

I didn't know what that noise was untill I went outside.

And saw this!!

I was doing laundry and walked over to the lake and saw this.
My new rule is never go without my camera.

I thought this was cool.
Me taking a picture of my kitchen window reflecting back to me and my view from my kitchen window!!

My little cabin in the woods.
I sit on that porch all the time. I seem to read more when I'm there.
And that's a good thing.
We bought a flat screen TV when we got there.  Used it for 4 weeks untill it started heating up and turning off. Returned it.  So we had a free flat screen for the time we were there.
Just for DVD's, we don't get any reception at all.

I like this.

Morning walk down by the lake.  Why did I start doing this the last week I was there?!

Someone's front yard.

This is real, not just a picture.

I found these boots at the green mall(dump).
I put jars inside to hold the water.

Picked those wild daisies and WELL LA!!

Goodbye my sweet Lakeside.
You will be covered in snow the next time I'm here.
Unless I get to go back for Cage and Tony's wedding in Sept. 
I'm hoping....

There's Somers where my friend Anita is.
See her on her porch?
I do!!
Bye Anita.
I will take pictures at Christmas so dress up!!!

Flying amazes me.


I planted these before I left.
I missed the grand finally.

Another gift from God to us.. I think.


These are under the Sunflowers.

I just eat them off the vine.

And then there is my Bailey, so glad I'm back.
He looks hot, doesn't he?!

Not anymore!!!

He loves it, he's like a puppy again.
And he's not fat!!!
I guess I wouldn't be fat either if I were shaved...hehe.
I hope you are having a fun Sunday.
I will be working on the back yard and hopefully on some furniture.
Thank you for sticking with me thru all these pictures. I hope I didn't bore you.


Lou said...

Beautiful pictures! It looks so makes me want to go there. I know I would love it! Great ideas ~ chicken feeder, flowers in the boots, little blue jars with a single flower. Bailey looks so cute. My brother does that every summer with their big collie. He looks like a lion but stays so much cooler during these hot months. Thanks for posting pictures of your lovely life.
Connie (aka Lou)

shohshi said...

Hi Lovely,

O My Gosh! What wonderful pictures - one right after another! I'm so happy you had a fun and relaxing time at your little cabin in the mountains! Bailey looks so cute! love & hugs ~ jennifer

~~Carol~~ said...

I love the look of flowers in rusty old cans and buckets! Love all of those shots of the lake too, and it must have been so hard to leave all of that beauty. I feel the same way when we leave our little cottage in the woods every summer!

Ames said...

Everything is so beautiful. Especially that view. I think Montana has the best views! Bailey looks cool now. We call that a Shiney Hiney haircut.:)~Ames

The Boston Lady said...

Now's your chance to eat Bailey - No more pom pom dog.

All those pictures are beautiful Sue. No wonder you love it up there so much. Those daisies are just so sweet. Ann

Anita said...

What a great post!...wish You could stay longer! I found an Orginization called Montana bottle association....can you believed that? I am hoping to find homes for unloved bottles...TEE HEE You should at least stay in Montana from June -Sept to see all the great flea Markets! and eat tomatoes! The cherries are just getting perfect, now.And it's time to pick Huckleberries! What were you thinking?...leaving midsummer!Humff! MISS YOU!

Anonymous said...

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Sylvia said...

Oh lucky will have lots of sunflower seeds for next year!! I put some of mine in little bags and am selling at my store.


Made In The South said...

That was not a bore...I loved looking at them.
I loved the cabin,
green sap bucket,
the boots, oh heck I loved them all...and the tomatoes. I can't believe those grew under the sunflowers. Things grow so good up there. Here it is so hot and we either get tons of rain or none at all.
Hope you have a great week,

Vicki said...

Those pictures were beautiful! Love all the flower displays. Those boots were so darn cute. I bet you can't wait to get back again.

Sanna said...

Hi KarenSue,

OMG!! Was my first response when I scrolled down and saw "poor" Bailey in the nude, haha! I´m sorry but he looks really funny! The important thing is, he´s cool and happy!

You have so many stunning photos! Love the nature of Montana. How do you dry the peonies? Never seen that before and I think it´s a wonderful idea! Love the chicken feeder and all the other clever ways you expose your flowers in.

Take care,