Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jack and Pillow

I picked up this magazine at Barnes and Noble yesterday because I love the Somerset line.
First I look at all the pictures and then I go back and read the stories.
I saw this pillow!
I have that pillow I thought.

Here it is with Jack.
I bought this pillow from Deb at Vintage Soul in St Cloud Florida.
An amazing shop if you have not been there.
You MUST go ASAP!!!
She has an awesome style if you love shabby chic...

See her name.
I'm just so proud of her.
You go Deb!!!
Hopefully see you at Fancy Flea!!1
We are trying..

I didn't think I had anything for White Wednesday and then I thought of Jack....thanks Jack!!
And thank you ladies for hosting White Wednesday and Wow Us Wednesday. Enjoy your day!                                                                        


Made In The South said...

I love that pillow.
I do the same thing, look at all the pictures and then go back and read the articles.
Those were some beautiful tomatoes under the sunflowers, I am sorry I did not realize those where grown in Fl. all the same YUM!

The Boston Lady said...

Jack can be your go-to-guy for any White Wednesday! I love that pillow and I saved your pic of the mag cover to send to FDIL as an idea for you-know-what! Hope to see you in about 10 minutes, if you haven't forgotten!!! Ann

Linda said...

Fun! The pillow is charming ...and so is Jack!

BECKY said...

That pillow is adorable! And Jack looks so comfy!!

I love the Somerset magazines, too. So much beauty and inspiration can be found in them!!

Have a lovely Sunday!