Friday, August 5, 2011

These two grazed on the road down the mountain from us.
Very friendly

So sweet.  Too bad I'm afraid of horses, I will pet them and talk to them but not ride them.

Lakeside decoy Lucky.  You see him all over lakeside parked on the side of the road.  He does his job of slowing people down!

Stunning landscapes!

More good friends and family.
David(brother in law), Mies and Tony, friends we love being with!
Mies makes the best Mojitos!!

Cathy and Debbie on the right!  We enjoy spending time with these people.
I'm sorry I forgot the couple's name on the left.   New friends we will have to get to know better the next time.

Emmary Grace!!
It was storming so she stays in her princess house until the storm passes.
And then we all have fun!
Love you little girl!!!
Come to Orlando and stay with me.
I live 30 min. from Walt Disney World!!!!

The guys with that beautiful Flathead lake behind them.
It takes my breath away every time! The lake not the boys...sorry you all.

Meet Scout, we found her downtown Kalispell.  Luckily her owner found her after 4 days in the Flathead shelter before we took her back to Florida.  A long story!

Visiting Deb, who grows lavender just down the road from us.

Debbie and I relaxing in the lavender field.
Now I know I can grow lavender when I move to Montana!

Carmen and Larry, more good friends!

The hubby and high school friend Debbie who came out for a visit.

The duck races that I won last year but not this year.
Free beer for a year!!!!
It was a great run!

Tony Baloney as his mother calls him.
I'm sorry I don't know this lady's name.  I think she owns The Tamarack.

I left him out there...he hates the heat of Florida.
Let's see how long it takes him to miss us.
I know I missed my blogging friends.  I have had computer issues and downloading picture issues.
I should be back on track next week.
Lots of yard work to do!!
Enjoy your weekend my friends..
Hurry home Chic!!!!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

WOW! What great photos of lots of beautiful scenery AND happy people! I love seeing the gorgeous lavender fields! I've never been to any...need to put it on my list of places to visit! Enjoy your weekend! Looks like you're having a FUN summer! ♥

The Boston Lady said...

Where is Chic?? If she's back next week let me take the two of you to lunch, PLEASE. Now, first the lavender is just gorgeous and that handsome policeman ain't so bad either. Your better half and his bro could be twins!!! Beautiful pictures Sue, I hope one day to visit you out there. And I'm with him - I hate this heat!!! Ann (did you get google chrome to work?)

Ames said...

I miss Montana! Can't wait to get back there.~Ames

Kathy Bogan said...

Awwwww! It's so cool to look at pictures from Montana and recognize friends I meet while we were out there! It seems like so long ago and soooo looong since I've seen you, Shabby! I miss you and our little world!Can't wait to get home~See you soon!
Love ya,

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh it looks like such a great place! I would love to get some lavender, we don't have any around here do we ?


Lou said...

Your post made me smile. It is such a happy post! Love your captions under the pictures (especially about the lake). My fav picis sitting in the chairs in the lavender field. How wonderful is that?
Connie (aka LOU)

Sanna said...

Hi there friend,

Sooo many pretty pictures! Lavender fields, lovely horses (I don´t like riding either. Too high up and I don´t trust them) lake view and wonderful friends... but the best pic must be the last one, right? So cute ;)

Happy weekend!

Linda said...

It looks like a wonderful time of friends, family, and memories!

Anonymous said...

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