Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday's Treasures

This is what I did with my sunflowers.

First I cut all the tops off and then put them in what ever I could find.
I like it!

My treasures from Montana finally came FedEx yesterday.
It's like finding them all over again.
We sent to visit Anita at Vintiquities and she was unloading boxes and boxes of old bottles she bought at an Auction.
We were there for hours because it was so much fun going through all of them.
I had to be very choosy on what I bought because I had to ship them.
Only one broke!!

This I bought at Vintage Whites Market.
I let my husband take the camera that day so  I couldn't take any pictures.
When I asked if he took any he said NO!!!!
He will not get my camera again.
It was the best show!!
I'm sorry Jana!

I have a thing for funnels..
This one is big.

Vintage wall paper.

I love these old springs with skinny olive bottles and flowers..
Old hangers
The tin is full of white buttons, I forgot to open it...
The green thing holds notes.

Look what that smarty Anita does..
Takes brown paper bags, folds down the lip and sew all different ribbon on for handles..
She is just so clever.
If you are ever just passing through Somers Montana Anita is right off highway 93 across from the Somers boat ramp.
I promise pictures at Christmas.....
I'm joining Kristin's Tuesday's Treasures over at Uncommon Slice of Suburbia.
Thanks Kristin!!


Sylvia said...

Your sunflowers look like a monet painting, beautiful!

I can't wait to see what you do with those cool springs.


stefanie said...

I love your sunflowers!!! and your treasures!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh what great finds, I love old bottles. I am waiting for my box of goodies from my Minnesota vacation and then it will be fun all over again!


Anita said...

I have sold so many springs that I had to go to the green mall and pick up a couple of old beds to replenish my supply! One gal just picked up a tangled mass and said she was going to use it as art...another said she saw a chandelier made of springs hung together with a light in each one...can't wait until Target gets it's Christmas lights in!
Wish you were on my porch tonight...the moon shining on the lake is unbelievable. Hey you are my Craigs list Guru...I have become a Craigslist junkie...Miss you! LOvely blog post!

Sanna said...

Hi KarenSue,

Sunflowers are so beautiful. I tried to plant one in a pot this summer but it never grew big. I think it needed more warmth. Something we fell short on this summer!!

Nice treasures. I wonder what you will make of the springs... candle holders maybe..? Be sure to show them here, so I can pin them later! Oh, I have to go back and pin your chicken feeder!

Have a great day friend!