Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What a Treasure!

Look what I found!

He was sitting in a driveway all by himself.

We were driving by and I yelled....STOP!!!

We are kitty people so he came home with us.

He was so calm while cleaning him up.

It was as though he new we are trying to help him.

Look at that sweet face!!

Now he can see!

Bailey wanted to help him too.

Bailey loves kitties!

Can we keep him?

Nope, we already have a home for him.

He is going to Charlie's house!

Charlie is Katie's boyfriend.

So we will be able to keep up with new kittie(no name yet).
Charlie is taking him to the vet. today.
So that is my Tuesday Treasure.
Enjoy your day!
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Thanks Kristin!


molly susan strong said...

Ahhhh, love kitties and am so glad you rescued this little beauty. So sweet! Thanks for posting my giveaway info too. xo

m e g a n said...

too cute! We've rescued some kitties too! Unfortunately half the family is allergic to kitties so we can only have 1 in the house without everyone being on a nebulizer 24/7!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Such a sweet little one! So glad you rescued him and he has a home.

stefanie said...

oh, soooooo sweet!!!!

Ames said...

You have a big heart. I love a good rescue story!~Ames

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh how sweet, good for you! The puppy with the kitty is so cute!


Motherkitty said...

How wonderful of you to stop and render aide to this kitty. What a darling it looks to be. So glad you have found a home for it. (I have four cats of my own, and would hope someone would help one of them if it was needed.) What a heart of gold you have.

The Boston Lady said...

Oh my gosh... how extraordinary! Why can I never find one? I know Charlie will take very good care of him. How sweet. I still can't make comments, but can on yours for some reason. Ann

Daydream Living said...

I love stories like this, hope the kitty will be up and running soon, love the name Charlie btw, perhaps Charlie junior as a name?
Thanks for the share,

Sylvia said...

Had to laugh at Baileys expression...hahaha...cute kitty!


Heaven's Walk said...

Bless you for rescuing this little baby! What a sweet thing! I'm so glad that you found a home for her instead of whisking her off to the pound.... :)

xoxo laurie

Passionate for White said...

YOU my dear are a GOOD, GOOD person!


hi sue thank you for your nice comment and visiting my blogg i ahvent been blogging for long but i really like it I have met a lot of nice and friendly people i have a lot of pics to download of the vintage whites market but i just need some time to sit and do it i work fulltime at a childrens hospital and i also have two grandkids that live with me that need my attention so youll need to come back and visit my blogg i am a kitty lover myself we have about 6 cats all ouside except for 1 hes a snowshoe simamese named figi it was nice to meet you ps i havent been to the farm chiks show it always falls i my weekend that im on call at the hospital but just wait one day i will xoxo sherri

Linda said...

OH so sweet...glad he is rescued and has a new home!