Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Look who came to our open house!!!

She is a doll....I learned some good stuff from her.
Check out her awesome blog.
Anywhere from modeling like a pro to great crafty things!

And this is Tausha from Simple Me!
She is beautiful, adorable and just plain nice...I felt like we had know each other for a long time.
She is the next Rachel Ashwell!
Check out her beautiful's stunning!

My long time buddy Jennifer.
We have something very special.
Love her! Jennifer has a blog too.  My Daily Swoon.
Kathy and Lori.  
Kathy is my partner in crime business.  We have been friends since our 18/19 year old daughters started kindergarten.  We have always been very good friends but since we started Chic and Shabby(she's chic I'm not) we have become sooooo close.  A BFF for sure. We get along all the time! REALLY!
Lori is my BFF4ever! Isn't she beautiful!! Tall thin blond and big boobs....don't hate her....(she doesn't know this and don't tell her because she will get a big head) She doesn't read my blog...I thought the law was friends read friends blogs?
She has a life I guess.

Kathy Carol Denise and me.
I met Denise because she saw our post on Craig's list for the shop.
And now I see her all time.  She's becoming a good friend fast.

Carol was trying to teach us the way to pose so there is no double chin.
I think it works!

Long time friend Lynn and Kathy.
I worked with Lynn for 20 years at US Airways.  It's funny how you bond with people and it stays.

Karen and Renee
The one that runs the show and the owner!
Who's the boss?

2 of my sweets girls.
Katie and Emily.
Aren't they beautiful!!!!
I have another one that moved away to Jacksonville.
Wish she could have come too.

My sister Shari.  This is a picture from last open house, I forgot to take one of us.
Do we look alike?
I don't think so but some people do....
I do see the same cheeks.
Lynn Denise Kathy Peggy and Christie.
Peggy and Christie are vendors at Art Angels.
Peggy has 2 booths and has great stuff. Very nice lady, I like her.  She does well at Art Angels.
Kathy met Christie at her garage sale and learned Christie was opening booth at Art Angels! Believe it or not Orlando is a small town. If you are from here you know that.
She has lots of great old linens and the was she displays them is gorgeous!
I will show you later(forgot to take pictue). 

Food was all over the place.
This is mine and Kathy's set up.  She did it, isn't it beautiful?
I make this awesome black eyed pea dippy thing.
Super easy,
3 cans of black eyed peas drained
chop-1 english cuke
3-4 tomatoes
1 jalapeno
hand full celantro
toss all this together
mix 1/4 cup olive oil with juice of 2 limes
pour it on
It's great for a New Years dinner.  You know, for luck...
mix well and your done!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Thanks Ladies


Simply Me said...

You are such a sweet heart !!!! so nice meeting you, love your shop !!!!

Lily Dily said...

Hi Sue! Boy I wish I could have gotten to the open house earlier than I did. I missed all the fun, but with my butter yellow to silver lavender-blue hair....well, what can I say. Thanks for posting your black eye pea recipe...oh, and the number we were talking about last night...I looked mine up...I follow more than I See ya, Linda

The Polka Dot Closet said...

We sure had fun, I don't know if the pose worked that great! Wish there was a pose to reduce my boobage!! Can't wait to see you again!


The Boston Lady said...

I think the pose worked wonderfully because you are all gorgeous anyway! It was a great open house even though I was there early! Ann

maría cecilia said...

Hola Karen, how I wish I live near you so I could go to your open house!!! Just saw what Tausha from Simply Me bought from you and inmediately fell in love!! Came to meet you with the hope you have an online shop... so sad you don´t. I would take a plane and flight over there for the next open house eventhough it is lots and lots of miles!!
hugs from Chile
maria cecilia
p.s. I agre Tausha is the next Rachel Ashwell

Kathy said...

Wonderful time had by ALL!!!! Loved meeting all the new "gals!"Each and everyone is so sweet!Can't wait for the next event.
We did a great job, Shabby!!! Love you soooo much,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Looks like you have a wonderful group of friends,
You are a very blessed lady!!
Looks like everyone was having a great time at your open house, hope it all went very well.
blessings, Nellie

Christy@Art Angels said...

Hey, Sue! Love your blog and the pics of Tuesday night's party @ Art Angels are adorable. Can't wait to read all you've written on your blog. It's so fresh and inspiring! I'm so happy to be among such creative people at Art Angels.