Friday, May 13, 2011

OK, I really don't want to show you this but I have to!

This is the most amazing giveaway!
I want to win this one real bad.
If I post it I get 3! extra chances to win! 3!
I guess you would too if you posted this.  But then it lowers my chance of winning...

Look at what I just might win!
It's awesome. I would do almost anything to win this...but all I have to do is this!
Isn't she nice?!!!!
Thank you Tamarah!!!!!

Look at this thing.
Now head on over to visit Tamarah at Shabby Vintage Junk and read all about her Extravaganza.  It sounds like an amazing time. I would be there if it were not on the other side of the whole world!  Australia!  I'm in Florida...that would be a tough one to pass over my hubby.  I can hear him now..
But if you live in the area I sure hope you go and please take lots of pictures for us on the other side of the world.
Hope you are enjoying your day!
All over the world!
PS..what do you think about blogger being down for almost 3 days?!!
it was hard for me....I'm so glad they are back.

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The Boston Lady said...

I saw yours today at Orlando Rescue Mission - still not for sale, but I got more small frames. I am super buzzed because I notice that KB is my newest follower!!!!!!!!!! Oh, yeah and that you follow me too.... thanks for the frame! Ann