Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thrifty Thursday at Bloggeritaville!

I did very well this week at the thrift.
I love this family photo, they are now hanging in my living room for Christmas.

I love this stool and yes it was $1.91!

I don't do alot of souvenirs but I do like pre Disney from Florida.

I really bought it for the frame. But how can anyone throw out old family photo's?

This is cool. I will add chains and make a planter out of it.

The boys. We had my brother in law and sister in law staying here for Thanksgiving and they brought Brando.  He is a Sweet, Bailey is old and has trouble with these young guys. Jack is my daughter's baby.
All are very sweet dogs.

A little peek at my tree.
I think I see some empty branches!
I will have to fix that.

So head on over and browse around at other great Thrift Store finds!
Enjoy your day and thank you for visiting me. I really do enjoy your comments!
Hugs to you.


Darla said...

You did pick up some neat stuff!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Wow you did find some fab bargains. I love the little step stool! Your tree is looking beautiful.

Jennifer said...

I love everything ... and collect funnels - totally cool! Jennifer jennsthreegraces pop over!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Thanks for stopping in. I would love to stop by your booth. I am headed that way this afternoon! PS I love the "Boys"


Zaira said...

I love to see antique family photos. And always imagine which lives were lived in those eyes and in those hearts....The past is a great mistery and full of questions.

Hugs my dear xoxo

The Boston Lady said...

I can't imagine giving away a family photo either, but the frame is pretty. I love that little stool. And "the boys". See you at your Open House, I'm leaving in a couple of minutes. Ann

Ames said...

You feel the same way about old pictures that I do about old Bibles. I once found an old Bible in a thrift store that had someone's extensive family tree in it. I am so gullable. I told my husband this must have been a mistake. It must have gotten thrown in the donate pile by accident. I barely know my family could someone just toss theirs out?? We live in such a throw away society. Love the old picture and the stool. Can wait to see how you turn the funnel into a planter. When I looked at it, I saw a hanging light. ~Ames