Wednesday, December 1, 2010


We are getting all fixed up for our Christmas open house tomorrow.  Lots of fluffing going on around here with everyone getting all the Christmas decorations out.
Everyone is invited to stop by anytime between 12noon and 7pm for a little cheer and some shopping. A lot of sales going on, Kathy and I are having 20% off in our booth Chic and Shabby.  Just so you know Kathy and I will be there from about 4pm until 7pm so we hope you stop by and say hello and see what we have spending our time doing.
On another note, I have not had a computer for 3 days and it's been very difficult. It just tells me how much blogging means to me.  I missed keeping up with all my favorite blogs and it's so difficult to catch up. I'm sure I missed a lot!
And I'm having a girlfriend wine party on friday night, this is with my best friend Lori. Bring wine to share and we also ask for a monatary donation that we put all together and then draw a name and that person gives the donation to a charity of their choice. It's a lot of fun.
You can come to my wine party to!
Have happy evening. 
ps. I'm not doing spell check this time because I have so much trouble with it.  So I hope I didn't make any mistakes. Don't tell me if I did.


The Boston Lady said...

Yahoo, you're back! Will be there at Open House. Can't wait to see it all fancied up for the holidays! Ann

m e g a n said...

I wish I was in Orlando already to come by! It looks like fun! Good luck!

Linda said...

Hope you have a wonderful open house and lots of customers! Fun goodies!